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This site is an online historical record of Southport Football Club. It is not an official club website, it is independently maintained.

Due to “the fire” much of the historical information that might have been available to future generations was lost. Thanks to a small group of very dedicated individuals spending countless hours doing research, the history of the club is now once again well documented. I would hesitate however to ever call it complete – there is always something else to learn.

The aim of this site is to pull together all the separate strands of research and publish it in one place, so that this becomes the most complete record available of every game that Southport Football Club have ever played, every player that has ever played for them and a documented history, all bundled into one.

There have been a number of contributors but particular mention and thanks must be given to Geoff Wilde, Michael Braham and Rob Urwin. Geoff and Mike supplied the line-ups from the Football League period and both have kindly given their permission for the documented player profiles in “the book” to be published here. Rob Urwin kindly provided much of the non-league data that can be seen on this website, including line-ups from every non-league game.

We all want the history of our club to be documented accurately so If you spot anything inaccurate please let me know.

Elsewhere online, please make sure you support the Football club itself by visiting the club’s official website ( and also the independent supporter’s trust, Trust In Yellow (

Thanks for visiting