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Catching up with Neil Prince

Neil PrinceThere are some goals that as a fan you will never forget. David Fitzpatrick’s goal against Halifax last season (which kept Southport up!), Mark Boyd’s goal at Burton Albion in 2006 and on Thursday it was the anniversary of another rather special goal, scored by Neil Prince against Burscough in the Conference League Cup. Watching it back on youtube and reminiscing I decided to get in touch with the goalscorer for a catch-up…

Can you tell us about how you ended up signing for Southport?

I’ve had 3 spells at Southport. The 1st was under Phil Wilson which was very brief. I left when mike Walsh came in and he told me there wasn’t a place at the club if I went to Newcastle utd on trial and things didn’t work out. My 2nd spell was under Peter Davenport in the conference north when we lost in the playoffs to Stalybridge. I then signed on loan from Droylsden under Liam Watson the year we lost in the playoffs against Gateshead.

Can you remember your debut?

My debut was away to Kettering in my 1st spell when I came on as a sub, we lost the game 2-1 I think. My other 2 debuts (if you can call them that!) were better remembered as I scored in a 3-0 win against Gainsborough at home and then in my 3rd spell I came on after 30 mins at home and scored 2 before half-time, we ended up winning the game.

What was your favourite moment in a Southport shirt?

It has to be that goal against Burscough in the last minute of the game with the score 2-2. Nobody wanted extra time so it went down well with everyone including Liam who was managing Burscough at the time.Who were your best friends in the dressing room? In my full season we had a great set of lads and it would be unfair to single any out. Team spirit was good and quite a few jokers in the squad. Saturday nights out in the revolution bar were a highlight in the ‘Souey Corner’.

Watch the Goal here

What are you most proud of in football? 

I’m proud that ive had the opportunity to play for some fantastic non league clubs and always been involved in title chasing teams or got into the play offs. There’s been some very good fa cup rue to look back on too beating Darlington and chesterfield with Droylsden, beating Scarborough with Lancaster.

Do you have any regrets from your time at the club? 

I regret us losing on pens against Stalybridge in the playoffs. I have always enjoyed my time at Southport and always wish the club well. When Brabs took over from Peter Davenport for the last couple of months of the season, it was a good experience. The club are in safe hands with him, his training was enjoyable and he got the best out of all the lads.

Tell us an interesting story about your time at the club, something people might not have heard before…

The day we bought a big cake and threw it in Moorseys face was a classic, he took it well and was a big part in creating a happy changing room. Another time we put a bail of hay in one of the lads places before a game cos his nickname was ‘horsehead’. It got a few laughs but looking back it did put that player off his game that day!

What are you up to these days? 

I’m married and have a beautiful daughter called Lilly. I have 2 businesses one going into primary schools coaching and the other where secondary schools send disengaged students to us to gain sports coaching quals. I also manage Prescot Cables which I am thoroughly enjoying, it is a challenge in a very strong league with very limited budget but we have got a very talented together and just lack that ruthlessness in front of goal to finish teams off. It is a great club with great people connected to it. I am a young manager gaining valuable experience as I look to go as high as possible in the game.


Thanks to Neil for taking the time to answer our questions.