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The Wembley Experience

Written by Alan Jones Reproduced with the kind permission of Trust In Yellow from the complete non-league history of Southport FC 1978-2008 Etched in the history of Southport Football Club are a number of landmark days, but of all the achievements and special occasions, no date evokes fonder memories than May 17

Honours List

FOOTBALL LEAGUE DIVISION FOUR CHAMPIONS: 1972/73 RUNNERS - UP: 1966/67 CONFERENCE NORTH: CHAMPIONS: 2004/2005, 2009/2010 NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE: CHAMPIONS: 1992/93 F.A. TROPHY: FINALISTS: 1997/1998 THIRD DIVISION (NORTH) CUP: WINNERS: 1937/38 FINALISTS: 1936/37 F.A. CUP: QUARTER FINALISTS: 1930/31 LANCASHIRE SENIOR CUP: WINNERS: 1904/05 FINALISTS: 1903/04, 1937/38, 1947/48, 1964/65 LANCASHIRE JUNIOR CUP: WINNERS: 1919/20, 1992/93, 1996/97, 1997/98, 2000/01, 2005/2006,2007/2008, 2009/2010 FINALISTS: 1891/92, 1991/92, 1993/94 LIVERPOOL SENIOR CUP: WINNERS:

South Down: Southport’s Football League swansong

Southport completed an unwanted hat-trick in 1978 when they became the third coastal club from the north-west to be voted out of the Football League inside a decade, following in the slipstream of Barrow (1972) and Workington (1977). HYDER JAWAD charts the demise of the Sandgrounders WHEN Hughie Fisher turned up

2nd June 1978 – the worst day of my football supporting life

Popular Terrace in the 1970s

Having finished second-bottom of the Fourth Division in 1978 Southport were elected out of League football. When the League clubs first voted, the Sandgrounders were tied with Wigan Athletic. A second ballot was called and Wigan prevailed by 29 votes to 20. It spelt disaster for Southport. Wigan had been

Lancashire Junior Cup Results

Thanks to the kind help of Lancashire FA historian Gordon Small I have now been able to complete the list of Lancashire Junior Cup results dating back to 1888. For the full list of results click here Between 1947 and 1951 Southport did enter their reserves in the competition whilst the first