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A rude awakening

There was a time when bad news which occurred overnight was not transmitted by your radio alarm, or your first bleary glance at Twitter on an iPhone. When I was a child, thank God, there were only a few incidents of my being woken by bad news, and none of them

Rest In Pieces: South Liverpool Football Club 1894-1994

"Rest In Pieces: South Liverpool Football Club 1894-1994" is the title of a new book by Hyder Jawad, author of the excellent articles on Southport's exit from the Football League which appeared in Backpass magazine a number of months ago (and reproduced here with permission). This is a 320,000-word book about

Neighbours Formby FC Disband

It is with sadness that Formby FC yesterday announced that they have been forced to disband. They resigned their place in the North West Counties Premier Division, to which they had just been promoted, at the weekend but confirmed on Monday 2nd June that they would be forced to disband.

Backpass Magazine

Backpass is the retro football magazine with a modern-day bite. It is published eight times a season, and Issue 35 (March & April 2014) which hit the shops on Thursday, March 13 features a great 3 page article entitled "South Down: Southport's Football League swansong", along with an obituary of

Live TV games

Southport were finally handed the big FA Cup draw that they have been craving and with it comes national fame. Southport v Sheffield Wednesday at Haig Avenue in the 1st round of the FA Cup will be shown live on ITV1. The match has been moved from the traditional Saturday afternoon

From the Archives

The following article was published on 4th May 1885 in the Liverpool Mercury, digitised by the British Library in 2010. The report concerns an experimental 4 a side tournament with Southport defeating Bootle by 1 goal to nil. The following article was found in The Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser for Lancashire,

Own Goals

I know there is often dispute over deflections and own goals (cue the Earl Davis/Mark Houghton @ Hyde debate) and McGinns "first" against AFC Telford on Saturday (23/01/10) is a classic case in point, but Daly's "goal" tonight (26/01/10) was as clear an own goal as you've probably ever seen. He

Baffling Football Administration

Football Administration will always baffle me. Having played 84 minutes in a game away at Stalybridge on 28th December floodlight failure caused the game to be abandoned. Both clubs agreed that they would be happy to share the points but the Conference have ruled that the 0-0 result does not

The Big Interview: Haydn Preece (LEP)

Published 11th May 2007, Lancashire Evening Post The Football League's annual general meeting at London's Cafe Royal in June, 1978, went largely unreported in the football world. But it closed a proud 50-year chapter of professional tradition and endeavour at Haig Avenue, as Southport were plunged into the relative obscurity of the