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Real Name: John Gordon Aitken
Normal Position: Outside Left
Height: 5' 7Weight: 10st 8lbs
Born: 17/09/1897(Govan, Glasgow)
Died: 01/12/1967 (Govan, Glasgow)


St Anthony's, 1919; St Roch's, 1920; Clyde, 1920; Bury, 26 May 1921; Southport, 11 July 1924; Crewe Alexandra, 10 July 1925; Norwich City, 3 Aug. 1926; Northampton Town, 20 June 1927; Kilmarnock, 3 Nov. 1928; St Mirren, Sept.-Oct. 1933; Morton, 9 Feb. 1934
Jock Aitken

A pupil of John Watson's School in Edinburgh where he played rugby, he went straight into the Army from school and when he came out he vegan an engineering apprenticeship. There was a common fallacy that Southport's two ever-present wingers in 1924-25 were brothers, when in fact these two Glaswegians were not related at all. He joined Southport - after 3 good seasons at Gigg Lane. Later he returned to his native Scotland where his career blossomed. He won a Cup Winners medal at Kilmarnock, scoring their first goal in the 1929 Scottish Cup Final, and was also a defeated finalist in 1932 - Rangers winning after a replay. Although not a noted goalscorer south of the border he scored 5 times against Dundee United in Kilmarnock's 8-0 win in December 1931. Jock returned to the
shipyards as a storeman and retired at 65. A widower for 20 years, he died whilst walking along Govan Road.

Player Profile reproduced with Permission from:
The Sandgrounders: The Complete League History of Southport F. C., by Michael Braham and Geoff Wilde (Palatine Books, 1995). ISBN 978-1-874181-14-9

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Season From To Value
1924/1925 BURY Southport
1924/1925 Southport CREWE ALEXANDRA