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Full Name: Jack Astley
Normal Position: Defender
Height: 5'9Weight: 11st
Born: 03/12/1909(Warrington)
Died: 08/11/1984 (Whitley, Coventry)


St Elfin's Parish Church; Chadwick Recreation; Warrington Bedouins; Elmwood Avenue Methodists; Southport, amr 28 June 193o, pro 10 June 1931; Shelbourne, July 1932; Brentford, 2 June 1933; Coventry City, 19 Feb. 1936; WW2 guest, Nottingham Forest, Hibernians
Jack Astley

Jack got few opportunities at Haig Avenue due to Jack Little's consistent form. Brentford became interested after he had spent a year with Shelbourne whilst Southport retained his F.L. registration. Astley saw Jimmy Fay (q.v.) of the P.F.A. regarding his release. He received the following sound advice 'Bugger off home - if you're that good don't worry about it'. He was transferred to the 'Bees' for a useful fee but in his first season he got his right leg badly injured and spent the next 2 years largely in the Reserves and joined Harry Storer's Coventry City in February 1936. His 14 appearances qualified him for a Third Division South Championship medal and he was an ever-present in the 3 seasons up to the war. He continued to assist Coventry during the war, after which he remained in the Army and was promoted to Captain. He was stationed for five and a half years in Germany where he married his second wife, an Estonian. He returned to Coventry in 1950 and eventually got a job with GEC as a night superintendent until he retired in 1974. He died in Whitley Hospital after a heart attack.

Player Profile reproduced with Permission from:
The Sandgrounders: The Complete League History of Southport F. C., by Michael Braham and Geoff Wilde (Palatine Books, 1995). ISBN 978-1-874181-14-9

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