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Real Name: Reginald Blore
Normal Position: Centre Forward
Height: 5'9
Weight: 11st 11lbs
Born: 18/03/1942(Sesswick, near Wrexham)

Reg was born during a period of just over a year when his mother was evacuated from Liverpool to North Wales. Joining Liverpool straight from school he managed only one full League appearance a I-0 win at Stoke City. The sharp-shooting of this stocky little striker with the mop of curly blond hair attracted the interest of other clubs as well as the Welsh selectors and he became the first Southport player to gain Under-23 honours when he was capped against Scotland; he won 4 caps in all, but was not the first Southport player to be capped for Wales George Lathom received International honours in 1910. He had few opportunities at Ewood Park
but had an eventful First Division debut as deputy for Bryan Douglas,
spending the second half limping on the wing. A Blackburn sports writer said, `Blore's never-say-die spirit made him a firm favourite with the crowd. He defied his painful injury to play a full part in Rovers' success.' He made 176 + 5 appearances for Oldham Athletic to take his career record past the 30o mark. He won the Professional Footballers' Golf Championship in 1968. He works in insurance and has lived for many years in Maghull.