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Full Name: Peter Withers
Normal Position: Forward

Born: 02/05/1966(Liverpool)

Before joining Southport Peter played for South Liverpool (NPL) and Runcorn (CONF) After leaving he has played for, Chorley (NPL), Morecambe (NPL/CONF), Marine and Mossley. Amateur – Halton Borough, Crosfields, Ford Motors, Tawa FC (New Zealand)
Since leaving Southport he continued to play football with Kevin Mooney and Mark Brennan from 92/93 team. He emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand with family, working in NZ Government and now plays in Wellington Premier league with Tawa FC until his legs give out.
Peter describes his most memorable moments whilst playing for Southport.
“Quite a few, the hat trick at Emley to win the league, scoring the winner at Blyth in the FA Cup and jumping into the spectators but the key moment was the 25 yarder against one of my heroes Bruce Grobbelaar for Liverpool and then turning round to the packed stand at Haig Ave and everyone (and I mean everyone) all stood at that exact moment it hit the back of the net. Nothing has ever matched that moment in football for me.”
Peter was a Local Government Officer at Knowsley Borough Council with another ex Southport player from the 1973 team Frank Lee!
Brian Kettle was responsible for bringing him to the club and he left to join up with his mates Kevin Mooney, Mark Brennan and Chris Walmesley at Chorley.
We asked Peter for some recollections from his days at the club
“Back in season 1992/93 we were playing one of the most important games for years. It was against second placed Winsford, who were very good at the time and if I remember rightly it was around Xmas time. We had to meet the coach at Burtonwood Services at 1.00 and me and Mark Brennan got dropped off at 1.05 by his wife. Thought is was a bit odd no-one about and found out later the then secretary Roy Morris decided to say ‘Sod them’ to the coach driver, the rest will be late.
As it was more important for the secretary to be on time rather than the influential midfielder and the centre forward we were left slightly stranded. So a few phone calls later and attempts to thumb a lift, Mark’s brother turned up with 45 minutes to kick off. When we got to the ground it was 2.55 and after walking through all the die hard Southport supporters with surprised looks on their faces, we then faced an agitated Brian Kettle and told to put kit on we are starting in two minutes ! I then looked in my bag to see no shin pads, I didn’t dare ask for any spares and played without any. Couple of minutes in and we started like a house on fire and were 2 nil by half time. It turned out to be the best preparation to a game anyone could have. I think Roy Morris must have thought it lucky because he left five players at the same service station three weeks later going to Goole with a 13 man squad we may have struggled with 8 men. But still as long as the secretary had his pre match feast that’s all that mattered.
Back to the Winsford game and we finished up winning 2-1, a major victory to the championship. Mark Brennan was substituted near the end and took out his anger by booting a nearby rail and snapped it in half. That sent the groundsman baying for his blood as it was the rail used to send the hare around the greyhound track and there was a race meeting there in two days!! He nearly killed him”

Player Profile reproduced with Permission from:
The Complete Non-League History of Southport Football Club 1978 - 2008, by Trust in Yellow (Legends Publishing, 2008). ISBN 978-1-906796-01-3

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