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Real Name: Brian Francis Butler
Normal Position: Midfielder
Born: 04/07/1966(Salford)

Brian was captain of the Wembley team and will be forever remembered for his tears on the pitch at the end of the game. The Daily Post featured a superb photograph of Brian on its front page the day after the match sat on the pitch in tears(we would like to have included this picture but the copyright charge was astronomical!) Born in Salford on 4 July 1966 Brian made 88 full league appearances plus 2 as sub and scored 8 goals. He made his debut on the opening day of the 1996/97 season in a 1-1 draw against Hayes with his final game coming in the last game of the 1998/99 season, a 1-0 defeat at Forest Green Rovers. Brian featured in many Best All Time X1s for Southport such was his popularity at the club and his never say die attitude ensured he went down on many a list.
Never ever gave less than 100% in any game and his appearance at the Wembley Reunion Match saw him looking as fit as ever. His son Callum who was mascot at Wembley also played in the match and looked a fine prospect.
Brian had also been to the twin towers with Northwich and knew the pain of losing having been beaten by Macclesfield Town.
As well as Northwich and Southport Brian played for Blackpool, Stockport and Halifax in the Football League clocking up 134 appearances and getting on the scoresheet 11 times.
He was a tough tackling midfielder who on reaching Wembley said "Wembley - what does it mean? What did it mean to Moore, Keegan and now Shearer? 'A Theatre of Dreams', 'The Home of Football' - the Pinnacle of any career!
Yes, Wembley means all of these things, but to anyone who ever kicked a ball or maybe just watched WEMBLEY IS THE DREAM. To describe the occasion, having had the fortune to have experienced it once before, is not so simple. The awe, the excitement, the desire to play well and the ultimate wish - to win, cannot really ever be given in true meaning in words. I am honoured to have played a part in realising not only my own ambitions but to have also contributed to fulfilling the aspirations of so many other people and to have given some small return to those people who have been needed
along the way, from supporters, family, friends and parents. Which father could fail to feel proud to see his son set foot on Wembley as reward for all the sacrifices and time spent nurturing on cold, wet Sunday afternoons?
My lasting memory will be, not of the fulfillment of lifelong ambitions on my part, but of the possibility of creating a new dream in the mind of one particular seven year old. A dream that with commitment, endeavour and enthusiasm, the game of football can bring unparalleled satisfaction and joy to us and so many others and with luck no dreams are unfulfillable." A great guy!
Player Profile reproduced with Permission from:
The Complete Non-League History of Southport Football Club 1978 - 2008, by Trust in Yellow (Legends Publishing, 2008). ISBN 978-1-906796-01-3

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Season From To Value
1996/1997 NORTHWICH VICS Southport