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What happened to Southport Vulcan?

It's now quite widely known that for a short period Southport played under the guise of"Southport Vulcan" but many people still ask the question of what happened to the Vulcan name and why it was dropped.  The following information was first published over a series of  match day programmes in the

Central – Forming a Limited Company (1906)

The following article was published in the Southport Guardian on Saturday 31st March 1906: “A special meeting of the members and subscribers of the Southport Central Football Club was held at the Y.M.C.A. rooms on Thursday evening. Mr W. Robinson presided over a large attendance which included Messrs. J. Gregson (hon.

Central’s New Home

The following is the excellent opening chapter/forward from the book by Mark Iddon chronicaling the 1905/06 season. 1903/04 "Referring to the question of the ground, Councillor Smith and himself (Chairman Mr W. Robinson) had been asked by the committee to approach the Trustees and do what they could to secure the ground

Annual Meeting July 1905

Southport Central  Football Club Annual Meeting on Wednesday July 5th 1905, as reported by the local press: "The annual meeting of members of the Southport Central PC was held on Wednesday evening at the Temperance Institute. Sir Geo, Pilkington presided and there were also present Messrs W. Robinson (chairman of the

1920/21 Season Summary

The 1920-21 season was completely overshadowed by the club’s attempt to gain admission to the proposed Third Division North. Secretary Edwin Clayton played a large part in its formation but the voting could not have been much closer. At a special meeting of the Football League held at the Connaught

1919/20 Season Summary

Southport's first peace-time game took place at Oldham on August 30th, 1919 Billy Caulfield scored a hat-trick and Billy Little netted the other goal in a 4-2 win. Early in the season a young inside-forward briefly appeared to partner Billy Semple; some thirty-five years later that same inside-forward now Cllr. Fred

1918/19 Season Summary

The following season, clean out of the blue, the club was taken over by the Mayor Cllr T Hampson - a pioneer of the car industry - who had built up the Vulcan Motor & Engineering Company in Crossens. The club was financed by this company on the express condition