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What happened to Southport Vulcan?

It's now quite widely known that for a short period Southport played under the guise of"Southport Vulcan" but many people still ask the question of what happened to the Vulcan name and why it was dropped.  The following information was first published over a series of  match day programmes in the

Picking Winners for a Cinderella Club

The following article was written by then Southport manager JJ Commins and published in the Topical Times on August 31st 1935. It's amazing how little times have changed. MANAGING the average Third Division club (especially in the Northern Section) is like a puppy dog chasing its tail. It's a struggle to

What’s in a name?

Regarding the change of name to Haig Avenue from its original name of Ash Lane, the article below taken from the Southport Guardian dated Tuesday April 19th 1921 explains the change: β€œIt is proposed to re-name the portion of Ash Lane (the site of the Corporation houses), from Scarisbrtck New

1940/41 Season Summary

Newsprint became scarce and after 1939-40 programmes were reduced to a single sheet. Despite the escalation of the war the local pressmen β€” and in particular Len Peet ("The Scout' of the Southport Journal) β€” published a constant stream of football news which was eagerly lapped up by the increasing

1939/40 Season Summary

Life in the summer of 1939 continued largely as normal. The club installed Billy Semple as head trainer in place of Jimmy Seddon while Bob Jones returned as his assistant. At the Football League's Annual General Meeting it was decided that all players must be numbered for the first time

1938/39 Season Summary

It is hard to believe that, after being practically down and out three years earlier, Southport should make a serious bid for Third Division honours so soon. After two highly encouraging seasons, during which time they assembled a useful team, the 'Port got away to an excellent start, including a

1937/38 Season Summary

The improvement of the previous season was maintained. Although finishing in 16th position - two places below that achieved in 1936-37-Southport actually obtained 38 points, one more than twelve months earlier, despite managing only one victory by the end of September. Dave Hill, a dominating centre-half, was signed from Plymouth. He