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This website was built, and is maintained, by Daniel Hayes, author of “The Town’s Game: The Origins of Rugby and Association Football in Southport (1872-1889)” and contributor to “The Complete Non-League History of Southport FC 1978-2008”.

The aim of this site is to pull together all the separate strands of research into the history of cricket, rugby and association football in Southport and publish it in one place.

We all want the history of our local sports clubs to be documented accurately so If you spot anything inaccurate please let us know.

Southport Central is a proud associate member of the Football Supporters Association.

For association football this site is the most complete record available of every game that Southport Football Club have ever played, every player that has ever played for them and a documented history, all bundled into one.

Particular mention and thanks must be given to local historian Michael Braham without whom so little would be known about the sports clubs within our town.

This site is also dedicated to the memories of the late Southport Football club statistician Geoff Wilde, the late Southport Rugby Football Club historian Graham Ellis and the late Southport & Birkdale Cricket Club historian Ken Porter.

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Daniel J. Hayes – Author of “The Town’s Game: The Origins of Rugby and Association Football in Southport (1872-1889)”

Regular Contributors:

Michael P. Braham – Historian. Author of “The Sandgrounders – The Complete League History of Southport F.C.” Editor of “Fifteen Decades of Southport & Birkdale Cricket Club 1859 – 2009”

Mark Iddon – Historian and Author of “Southport Football Club 1905/06” and war time expert

David J. Walshe – Local Historian focusing on the history of the town and its people. Author of “Ecclesfield, Southport’s Forgotten Suburb”