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Catching Up With John Bagnall

John BagnallIn advance of our Liverpool Senior Cup Tie this evening against Burscough, we caught up with a man who has represented both clubs between the sticks.

Can you tell us about how you ended up signing for Southport?

I had a few stints at Southport… the first very brief with Brian Kettle, the second with Paul Futcher and a third which really was a bit of a waste of time… I came after being released from league clubs I can’t remember that far back however most likely Preston North End the first time and Chester the second as I followed Billy Stewart.

Can you remember your debut?

Yes it was against Hereford United at Haig Avenue in very wet and windy conditions I think we won 1-0.

What was your favourite moment in a Southport shirt?

Probably the trip to Wembley in 1998 OR my F.A. Cup game against Leighton Orient at Haig Avenue unfortunately we got beat 2-1 however every single player in team played there hearts out.

Who were your best friends in the dressing room?

Over the three periods early on Billy Stewart a top man who I learnt a hell of lot from… again another of the Chester lads Dave Thomson and Tim Ryan… Later on I spent a lot time with Liam Blakeman and Carl Baker.

What are you most proud of in football?

Turning Pro at 18 with Preston North End and my debut at Chester City at 19 against Blackpool…

Do you have any regrets from your time at the club?


Tell us an interesting story about your time at the club, something people might not have heard before…

Paul Futcher released / sacked me because I went away snowboarding after I broke my finger in a first team game… Said “I wasn’t committed enough” bit of a shame as I’d just got Billy Stewart out of the first team.

What are you up to these days?

I’m back doing what I loved before I started playing football… “Racing bikes” I’m a Masters Double National Champion in the match sprint and 750m TT “2014” on the track (velo-drome) as a track sprinter (Think Chris Hoy) and ranked in the top 10 World Sprinters at Masters level.

John Bagnall on the top of the podium
On the top of the podium

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