Data Anomalies and Missing Information

18th November 1980
Home v Skelmersdale Utd in the Liverpool Senior Cup 1st Round
In a game Southport won 5-1 the line-up is documented as: Alty, Ritson,Pritchard, Styles, Ramsden, Francis, A.Wilson, McInnes, Woodcock,Mawson Sub: Burgess

What was the attendance, and more importantly who is the missing player from the starting 11?

21st January 1982
Away v South Liverpool in Lancashire Junior Cup 2nd Round
In a game Southport won 2-1 infront of just 75  supporters, The ‘Port goalscorers are credited as Mick Parry and Gary Cooper(pen).
However, Mick Parry is not listed in the starting line up, nor on the bench.
Alty, J.Gerrard, Mawson, Eatough, Walsh, Johnson, McInnes, Cooper, Strong, Wilson, Brook Sub: Towers

Which is the error? The line-up or the goalscorer? Did Mick Parry play?


20th March 02. Away v Morecambe MCTSF 3-1 , Goalscorers listed as Maamria and own goal. Who scored the third goal?


Leigh RMI in the Lancs Jun Cup
Tony Evans listed as goalscorer but not in line up or subs.Not sure which is the error, the goalscorer, or the line-up?