Everton v Southport (17/03/1884)

The Liverpool Courier.

The above match took place on Saturday last on the ground of the latter, at Southport, in glorious weather and in the presence of a goodly number of spectators. The Southport team was fully represented, but at the last moment the Everton team were minus three of their best men, viz, McGill, Morris, and Preston, whose places were filled from the 2 nd team. Southport won the toss, and elected to play with the sun at their backs. At 4-5 Brown kicked off, but the ball was quickly returned, and throughout the first half the home team held a slight advantage over their opponents. After half an hour’s play a corner fall to Southport, and the ball being well placed was neatly headed through by Morris. On changing ends the victors, working more together, caused the home backs to act on the defensive, and after some give-and-take play, Higgins obtained possession, and centring, well to Gibson, the last named made matters equal. The home team, however, were not to be denied, as shortly after the ball being kicked off, Morris was again enabled to score. From the kick off, the visitors’ forwards worked the ball up the field, and Gibson again put it between the posts, but was ruled off-side. Within a short time of the ball being restarted the Everton left wing became conspicuous, and Brown getting possession, defeated the goalkeeper, thus again equalising matters. Nothing further of importance occurred and at the call of time the game remained drawn each side having scored two goals. Teams; – Everton; – Lindsay, goal; T. Marriott and. Richards, backs; W. Parry, F. McGregor, and J. Pickering, half-backs; E. Berry, H. Williams, M. Higgins, W. Gibson, and W. Brown, forwards. Southport; – Platt goal; Blundell and Baxter, backs; Dalby, Ramsbottom, and Johnson, half-backs; Morris, Melross, Briggs, Martin, and Mellor, forwards.