Footballers for the Front


March 3, 1917. The Evening Express


A further exodus of League footballers stationed at Preston will take place in the immediate future, with the result that the playing resources of many Lancashire clubs will be severely tested. Barnes (Manchester City), Latheron, McIvor, and Walmsley (Blackburn Rovers), Glendinning (Bolton), and Swarbrick (Preston North End), who are in the Royal Field Artillery, have left for firing practice, after which they will receive the last leave prior to being placed on draft for the front. Firing practice lasts four days, so that their stay in Lancashire will be very short. Boyle, Kelly, and Kellor of Burnley, Speak and Taylor (P.N.E), Wareing, Lord, and Phil Smith, who belong to another battery, have already been on their last leave, so that they may be drafted abroad at any time. Molyneux, the Chelsea-Stockport custodian has not yet “passed out,” but will be shortly, while W. Cook, the Burnley-Oldham back, is still in hospital where he has been for eight weeks, and it may be some time before he is fit, while Gimblett (Bolton Wanderers) may go any time during the next few weeks. Neither Percy Smith (Blackburn Rovers) nor Broad (Preston North End and Manchester City), both of whom are gymnastic instructors are likely to leave yet, and Lightfoot (Southport Central), now a Corporal, who has not played for some time is also required in the barracks for drill purposes.