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List of Members:

Player Membership
Aaron Chalmers Full
Adam Blakeman Full
Adam Flynn Full
Alan Cocks Full
Alan Francis Full
Alan Kershaw Full
Alan McDonald Full
Alan Moogan Full
Alan Spence Full
Alan Taylor Full
Alan Wilson Full
Albert Lord Full
Alex Russell (Jr) Full
Alex Russell (Sr) Full
Allan Parkinson Full
Amby Clarke Full
Andy Cavanagh Full
Andy Farley Full
Andy Mutch Full
Andy Provan Full
Andy Whittaker Full
Barry Hedley Associate
Barry Knowles Full
Billy Stewart Full
Bob Howard Full
Brian Butler Full
Bryan Griffiths Full
Carl Baker Full
Chris Almond Full
Chris Blakeman Full
Chris Lynch Full
Chris Price Full
Chris Simm Full
Chris Walmesley Full
Colin Alty Full
Craig Bromilow Associate
Daniel Thompson Full
Dave Brook Full
Dave Fuller Full
Dave Gamble Full
David Fitzpatrick Full
David Latham Full
David Morgan Full
David Pearson Full
David Thompson Full
Dean Porter Full
Denis Miles Deceased
Derek Goulding Full
Derek Ryder Full
Dick Taylor Full
Dino Maamria Full
Earl Davis Full
Eddie Moss Deceased
Eric jones Full
Eric Redrobe Full
Farrell Kilbane Full
Frank Lee Full
Fred Molyneux deceased
Gary Brabin Full
Gary Cooper Full
Gary Culshaw Associate
Ged Kielty Full
Ged Parr Full
George Carr Full
Ian Arnold Full
Ian Baines Full
Jack Richardson Full
James Caton Full
James Connolly Full
Jamie Milligan Full
Jamie Speare Full
Jerome Fitzgerald Full
Jimmy Bell Full
Jimmy Blackhurst Full
Jimmy Blain Full
Jimmy Murray Full
Joe Strong Full
John Bagnall Full
John Coates Full
John Fielding Full
John McInnes Full
John McKenna Full
John Ritson Full
John Wood Associate
Johnny Clayton Full
Jon Worsnop Full
Jonathan Viscosi Full
Keith Galley Full
Keith Tierney Full
Ken Hilton Associate
Kenny Mayers Full
Kevin Formby Full
Kevin Leadbetter Full
Kevin Lee Full
Kevin Lynch Full
Kevin Marsh Full
Kevin McCormack Full
Kevin Mooney Full
Laurie Walsh Full
Lee Hoolickin Full
Leroy Dove Full
Liam Blakeman Full
Liam Watson Full
Lorraine Tinsley Associate
Luke Foster Full
Malcolm Russell Full
Mark Boyd Full
Mark Brennan Full
Mark Duffy Full
Mark Houghton Full
Mark Roberts Full
Mark Schofield Full
Matt Hocking Full
Matty McGinn Full
Michael Powell Full
Mick Clarke Full
Mike Marsh Full
Neil Fitzhenry Full
Neil Grayston Full
Neil Prince Full
Neil Robinson Full
Nigel Halsall Full
Paul Allen Full
Paul Carden Full
Paul Evans Full
Paul Lodge Full
Paul Moore Full
Peter Gregson Full
Peter Ward Full
Peter Withers Full
Peter Wright Full
Phil Wilson Full
Ralph Wright Deceased
Ray Mawson Full
Reg Blore Full
Richard Brodie Full
Robbie Booth Full
Roger Aindow Full
Ron Pickering Full
Ron Smith Full
Ronnie Moore Full
Russ Perkins Full
Sam Shrouder Associate
Scott Brown Full
Scott Guyett Full
Shaun Teale Full
Stephen Baines Full
Steve Daly Full
Steve Dickinson Full
Steve Haw Full
Steve Holden Full
Steve Joel Full
Steve Pickford Full
Steve Porter Associate
Steve Whitehall Full
Steve Wilkes Full
Stewart Schofield Full
Stuart Bimson Full
Stuart Shaw Full
Terry Fearns Full
Tony Beanland Full
Tony Gray Full
Tony Sullivan Full
Trevor Hitchen Full



The principal aims of the Southport Former Players Association are:

  • to reunite those who have worn the Port shirt or held management or coaching roles over the years.
  • to create a new Southport FC Hall of Fame
  • to recognise the contribution each and every player, manager, coach or official has made to the club, town and community.

To put it another way, the aim is to bring the extended Southport FC family closer together.