Generous Donations

Over the summer we’ve been able to conduct a number of interviews with former players, managers and staff at the club. Many of these we have been able to record and publish, however some we have been as part of historical research for forthcoming projects.

On Monday evening this past week Mike Braham and I were invited to the home of Gary Culshaw where we had the opportunity to discuss his short chairmanship and the events that led to the beginning of Charlie Clapham’s long reign in the chair. It’s a subject we also covered in our recent interview with Barry Hedley who held the vice-chair position at the time.

Thanks to Gary and his wife Brenda for the invitation and also for the very generous donation of a number of items that Gary commissioned as part of his chairmanship for directors of the club, which due to the events that were to follow, didn’t see the light of day; a full set of directors club ties, directors blazer patches, ladies silk scarves, a set of club sweaters, and a number of silk supporters scarves, all kept in immaculate condition and still sealed. In addition Gary donated a large number of programmes.

Gary is one of a number of people who have donated programmes to us which have meant that we have been able to build up a set going back to the early 1960s which the FPA will be able to use to stimulate conversation and discussion at future events.
We no longer require donations of programmes as we now have a collection we can use for events however donations of any other memorabilia, particularly player issued items are always welcome and gratefully received.

We now have a large number of away programmes and “spare” home programmes going back to the 60s which we are happy to give away to a good home. Although we do not charge members for our events or for anything we produce, we do still have costs.
Whilst we are not seeking to “sell” the programmes, voluntary donations are always welcome.