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Happy 140th Birthday!

Happy 140th Birthday to Southport Football Club.

With the club celebrating it’s 140th Birthday today, and us hosting the 2021 Grand Player Reunion and Hall of Fame Ceremony tomorrow this is a big week for everyone connected with the club. One of our stated aims is to promote the history and heritage of the club and to foster the spirit of fellowship, sportsmanship and goodwill among former players and their supporters.

At tomorrows game we will be in the fan zone from 2pm with a selection of old programmes to look through and to talk about our history. Some of the many players visiting for the evening events will also be taking in the game so keep your eyes peeled!

On this website you will find plenty of information about the early years of the club and next year we hope to launch a new book tracing the lineage of Southport Rugby Union Football Club and Southport Football Club from the humble beginnings of the town’s first club in 1872 through to the establishment of Southport Olympic (Rugby) and Southport Central (Association). It will be a detailed account of the birth of football in Southport.

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