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Date of Game Player Name Number of Goals
19/09/2020 v ASHTON ATHLETIC (Friendly)Connor Woods3
26/08/2020 v MARINE (Friendly)Niall Watson3
22/08/2020 v LONGRIDGE TOWN (Friendly)George Newell3
18/08/2020 v ACCRINGTON STANLEY (Friendly)George Newell3
22/01/2020 v PILKINGTON (Liverpool Senior Cup)Connor Woods3
02/11/2019 v LEAMINGTON (League)David Morgan3
21/09/2019 v SCARBOROUGH (FA Cup )Jack Sampson3
29/04/2019 v COLNE (Lancashire Junior Cup)Dion Charles3
10/02/2018 v GAINSBOROUGH TRINITY (League)Jason Gilchrist3
02/12/2017 v TAMWORTH (League)Jason Gilchrist3
17/03/2012 v STOCKPORT COUNTY (League)Shaun Whalley3
22/07/2010 v SKELMERSDALE UNITED (Friendly)Daniel Lloyd-McGoldrick3
08/09/2009 v STAFFORD RANGERS (League)Ciaran Kilheeney3
08/03/2008 v TAMWORTH (League)Tony Gray3
23/02/2008 v HINCKLEY UNITED (League)Tony Gray3
08/05/2006 v BRADFORD PA RESERVES (Lancashire League)Rob Dutton4
22/04/2006 v WORKINGTON RESERVES (Lancashire League)Dave Brooks3
28/02/2006 v ACCRINGTON STANLEY (Lancashire Junior Cup)Steve Daly3
06/01/2006 v BARROW RESERVES (Lancashire League)Rob Dutton3
02/09/2005 v CLITHEROE RESERVES (Lancashire League)Karl Bergqvist5
30/04/2005 v HARROGATE TOWN (League)Steve Daly3
05/02/2005 v WORKINGTON RESERVES (Lancashire League)Phil Stancombe3
14/01/2005 v BRADFORD PA RESERVES (Lancashire League)Tony Evans4
17/04/2004 v BARROW RESERVES (Lancashire League)Shaun Whalley3
13/03/2004 v BLYTH SPARTANS (League)Neil Robinson3
05/03/2004 v VAUXHALL MOTORS RESERVES (Lancashire League)Lee Mulvaney4
02/03/2004 v CHORLEY RESERVES (Reserve Cup)Adam Roscoe3
07/02/2004 v WHITBY TOWN (League)Kevin Leadbetter3
06/01/2004 v FORMBY (Liverpool Senior Cup)Carl Baker3
06/01/2004 v FORMBY (Liverpool Senior Cup)Steve Daly3
06/12/2003 v BAMBER BRIDGE RESERVES (Lancashire League)Steve Daly3
06/12/2003 v BAMBER BRIDGE RESERVES (Lancashire League)Lee Ashcroft3
10/10/2003 v CHORLEY (Lancashire League)Lee Mulvaney3
19/09/2003 v GUISELEY (Lancashire League)Adam Roscoe3
19/09/2003 v GUISELEY (Lancashire League)Gary Fairfield3
25/08/2003 v LEIGH RMI RESERVES (Lancashire League)Tom Lamb 4
08/03/2003 v HALIFAX TOWN (League)Lee Mulvaney3
28/12/2002 v FARSLEY CELTIC RESERVES (Lancashire League)Adam Roscoe4
28/12/2002 v FARSLEY CELTIC RESERVES (Lancashire League)Ian Johnson5
13/12/2002 v BARROW RESERVES (Lancashire League)Ian Johnson4
22/10/2002 v LEIGH RMI (Football League Cup)Steve Whitehall3
20/10/2002 v KNOWSLEY UTD (Reserve Friendly)Seb Langley4
19/10/2002 v GUISELEY RESERVES (Lancashire League)Ian Nolan3
19/10/2002 v GUISELEY RESERVES (Lancashire League)Tony Askew4
12/10/2002 v WOKING (League)Steve Whitehall3
20/09/2002 v BRADFORD PA RESERVES (Lancashire League)Ian Johnson3
14/09/2002 v CHESTER CITY RESERVES (Lancashire League)Tony Sullivan3
27/04/2002 v FOREST GREEN ROVERS (League)Steve Jones3
14/04/2002 v BARROW RESERVES (Lancashire League)Danny Byrne3
17/11/2001 v ALTRINCHAM RESERVES (Lancashire League)Danny Byrne3
10/11/2001 v NORTHWICH VICTORIA RESERVES (Lancashire League)Kevin Leadbetter3
29/09/2001 v BAMBER BRIDGE RESERVES (Lancashire League)Danny Byrne3
22/09/2001 v LEIGH RMI RESERVES (Lancashire League)Lee Mulvaney3
01/09/2001 v ASHTON UTD RESERVES (Lancashire League)Ben Obong3
18/08/2001 v GUISELEY RESERVES (Lancashire League)Kevin Leadbetter3
04/05/2001 v ALTRINCHAM RESERVES (Lancashire League)Danny Byrne3
28/04/2001 v NORTHWICH VICTORIA RESERVES (Lancashire League)Paul Armstrong3
01/09/2000 v ALTRINCHAM RESERVES (Lancashire League)Robert Pell3
07/08/1999 v BURSCOUGH (Liverpool Senior Cup)Lee Ellison3
17/10/1998 v RAMSBOTTOM UNITED (FA Cup )Brian Ross3
17/03/1998 v GRANTHAM TOWN (FA Trophy )Brian Ross3
31/01/1998 v YEADING (FA Trophy )Andy Whittaker4
04/10/1997 v WELLING UNITED (League)Ron Pickering3
01/05/1997 v WOKING (League)Andy Whittaker3
12/04/1997 v WELLING UNITED (League)David Gamble3
03/03/1997 v BURSCOUGH (Lancashire Junior Cup)Andy Whittaker3
14/09/1996 v ROSSENDALE UNITED (FA Cup )Andy Whittaker3
30/01/1996 v EVERTON (Liverpool Senior Cup)Andy Whittaker3
06/01/1996 v KETTERING TOWN (League)Andy Whittaker3
19/08/1995 v SLOUGH TOWN (League)Steve Haw3
23/08/1994 v GATESHEAD (League)Paul Comstive3
14/03/1994 v TRANMERE ROVERS (Liverpool Senior Cup)Steve Haw3
27/04/1993 v WINSFORD UNITED (President's Cup)Steve Haw3
17/04/1993 v EMLEY (League)Peter Withers3
23/02/1993 v FLEETWOOD TOWN (League)Steve Haw3
09/02/1993 v DROYLSDEN (League)Steve Haw3
16/01/1993 v FRICKLEY ATHLETIC (League)Peter Withers3
20/10/1992 v CHORLEY (League)Steve Haw3
14/03/1992 v SHEPSHED ALBION (League)Jimmy Blackhurst3
03/11/1990 v HYDE UNITED (League)Steve Holden3
21/11/1989 v MARINE (League)Steve Whitehall3
27/11/1986 v PRESCOT CABLES (Liverpool Senior Cup)John Coleman3
04/03/1986 v GOOLE TOWN (League)John Coleman4
04/05/1985 v BUXTON (League)Andy Mutch3
09/02/1985 v GAINSBOROUGH TRINITY (Northern Premier League Cup)John Brady 3
30/10/1984 v WITTON ALBION (League)Kevin McCormack3
30/04/1984 v HORWICH RMI (Lancashire Floodlit Trophy)Andy Mutch3
13/11/1982 v GOOLE TOWN (League)Gary Cooper3
24/11/1981 v MARINE (League)Gary Cooper3
26/09/1981 v GOOLE TOWN (Northern Premier League Cup)Gary Cooper3
13/04/1975 v PAST PLAYERS XI (Friendly)Bobby Noble3
06/01/1973 v DARLINGTON (League)Jim Fryatt4
07/08/1972 v AIRDRIE (Friendly)Andy Provan4
16/10/1971 v EXETER CITY (League)Barry Hartle3
04/12/1970 v SCUNTHORPE UNITED (League)Alan Cocks3
17/11/1970 v CREWE ALEXANDRA (Northern Floodlit League)Alan Cocks3
21/08/1970 v NEWPORT COUNTY (League)Eric Redrobe3
28/02/1970 v TORQUAY UNITED (League)Tony Field4
06/02/1970 v BURY (League)Tony Field3
22/11/1969 v READING (League)Tony Field3
01/10/1969 v GILLINGHAM (League)George Andrews3
17/09/1969 v CHESTER (1885) (Northern Floodlit League)Tony Field3
13/08/1969 v OLDHAM ATHLETIC (Football League Cup)George Andrews3
29/07/1969 v FORMBY (Friendly)George Andrews4
13/05/1968 v WIGAN ATHLETIC (Northern Floodlit Challenge Cup)Alex Russell3
01/08/1967 v BALLYMENA (Friendly)Terry Harkin3
25/01/1964 v STOCKPORT COUNTY (League)Alan Spence3
17/09/1963 v BRADFORD CITY (League)Alan Spence3
17/08/1963 v WIGAN ATHLETIC (Friendly)Alan Spence3
17/08/1963 v WIGAN ATHLETIC (Friendly)Reg Blore3
18/05/1963 v OXFORD UNITED (League)Alan Spence3
04/03/1963 v DARLINGTON (League)Reg Blore3
05/11/1960 v MACCLESFIELD TOWN (FA Cup )Reg Blore3
30/04/1957 v DISTRICT (Friendly)George Bromilow3
01/01/1957 v BRADFORD PA (League)George Bromilow3
19/11/1955 v ASHTON UNITED (FA Cup )George Bromilow5
17/09/1955 v BRADFORD PA (League)George Bromilow3
13/04/1955 v LIVERPOOL (Liverpool Senior Cup)Jimmy Prescott3
19/02/1955 v HALIFAX TOWN (League)Jimmy Prescott3
30/10/1954 v CARLISLE UNITED (League)Bill Holmes3
28/11/1953 v ACCRINGTON STANLEY (League)Colin McLean3
09/02/1952 v SCUNTHORPE UNITED (League)Jack Lindsay4
17/03/1951 v SHREWSBURY TOWN (League)Ralph Graham3
12/09/1950 v BARROW (League)Jimmy Nuttall3
06/03/1948 v OLDHAM ATHLETIC (League)Cec Wyles3
29/03/1947 v HALIFAX TOWN (League)Cec Wyles3
22/02/1947 v OLDHAM ATHLETIC (League)Jack Rothwell3
15/02/1947 v STOCKPORT COUNTY (League)Cec Wyles3
07/09/1946 v HULL CITY (League)Harry Hawkins3
12/01/1946 v ROCHDALE (Football League War Cup)Tony Bond3
01/09/1945 v CHESTER (1885) (War-Time: League)Tony Bond3
11/11/1944 v BLACKBURN ROVERS (War-Time: League)Archie Coats3
25/09/1943 v CREWE ALEXANDRA (War-Time: League)Arthur Frost3
18/09/1943 v ROCHDALE (War-Time: League)Len Flack3
10/04/1943 v ROYAL AIR FORCE XI (Friendly)Harry Hawkins3
19/12/1942 v OLDHAM ATHLETIC (War-Time: League)Jack Rothwell3
24/10/1942 v TRANMERE ROVERS (War-Time: League)George Ainsley3
17/10/1942 v BURY (War-Time: League)Jack Rothwell3
26/09/1942 v CREWE ALEXANDRA (War-Time: League)Jack Deverall3
26/09/1942 v CREWE ALEXANDRA (War-Time: League)Jack Rothwell3
19/09/1942 v BOLTON WANDERERS (War-Time: League)Jack Rothwell5
07/02/1942 v STOCKPORT COUNTY (Football League War Cup)Jack Harker3
20/12/1941 v BOLTON WANDERERS (War-Time: League)Jack Harker3
06/12/1941 v BURY (War-Time: League)Jack Deverall3
27/09/1941 v OLDHAM ATHLETIC (War-Time: League)Jack Harker3
19/04/1941 v TRANMERE ROVERS (War-Time: League)Jack Harker3
08/02/1941 v CREWE ALEXANDRA (Football League War Cup)Billy Hullett3
28/12/1940 v STOCKPORT COUNTY (War-Time: League)Billy Hullett5
12/10/1940 v WREXHAM (War-Time: League)Jack Harker3
28/10/1939 v ROCHDALE (War-Time: League)Jack Rothwell3
29/11/1938 v SCARBOROUGH (FA Cup )Joe Patrick3
24/09/1938 v CARLISLE UNITED (League)Joe Patrick4
20/08/1938 v ACCRINGTON (English Jubilee Fund)Duncan Colquhoun3
23/10/1937 v CREWE ALEXANDRA (League)Joe Patrick3
10/04/1937 v GATESHEAD (League)Joe Patrick3
05/12/1936 v GATESHEAD (League)Joe Patrick3
17/10/1936 v ACCRINGTON STANLEY (League)Joe Patrick3
12/09/1936 v TRANMERE ROVERS (League)Norman Kitchen3
14/01/1936 v DARLINGTON (League)Jimmy Wynn3
25/12/1933 v ROCHDALE (League)Jack Diamond3
11/03/1933 v DARLINGTON (League)Jack 'Nipper' Roberts3
17/12/1932 v HARTLEPOOL (League)Jimmy Cowen3
29/11/1932 v NELSON (FA Cup )Tommy Bell3
11/10/1932 v EVERTON (Liverpool Senior Cup)Lin Medley3
10/09/1932 v YORK CITY (League)George Dobson3
08/03/1932 v TRANMERE ROVERS (Liverpool Senior Cup)George Dobson3
28/11/1931 v CORINTHIANS (Friendly)Tommy Lindsay3
01/01/1931 v NELSON (League)Archie Waterston5
08/11/1930 v GATESHEAD (League)Archie Waterston3
23/04/1930 v PAST PLAYERS XI (Friendly)Jimmy Cowen5
18/04/1930 v WREXHAM (League)Ben Twell5
21/12/1929 v DARLINGTON (League)Jimmy Cowen3
23/11/1929 v ROTHERHAM UNITED (League)Ben Twell3
09/11/1929 v TRANMERE ROVERS (League)Ben Twell3
26/10/1929 v CHESTERFIELD (League)Bill Robinson3
21/09/1929 v YORK CITY (League)Jackie Rimmer3
03/09/1929 v CARLISLE UNITED (League)Ben Twell3
27/04/1929 v HARTLEPOOL (League)Harry Beadles3
05/01/1929 v SOUTH SHIELDS (League)Bert Valentine3
29/12/1928 v ASHINGTON (League)Harry Beadles3
02/01/1928 v WIGAN BOROUGH (Friendly)Jacob Parsons6
16/04/1927 v WALSALL (League)Harry Beadles3
05/03/1927 v NEW BRIGHTON (League)Harry Beadles3
05/03/1927 v NEW BRIGHTON (League)Harry Marshall3
23/10/1926 v WREXHAM (League)George Sapsford4
24/04/1926 v HALIFAX TOWN (League)Jack Sambrook3
03/10/1925 v WIGAN BOROUGH (League)Johnny / Jack Ball3
03/01/1925 v BARROW (League)Jack Barber3
05/01/1924 v BARROW (League)Jack Sibbald3
22/10/1921 v GRIMSBY TOWN (League)Billy Glover6
16/04/1921 v STALYBRIDGE CELTIC (League)WIlliam Rigby3
31/01/1920 v STOCKPORT COUNTY RESERVES (League)Tommy Green5
01/01/1920 v BURNLEY RESERVES (League)Tommy Green3
20/12/1919 v MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES (League)Tommy Green3
30/08/1919 v OLDHAM ATHLETIC RESERVES (League)Billy Caulfield3
19/04/1919 v EVERTON (Lancashire Senior Cup)Tommy Roberts4
07/12/1918 v PORT VALE (War-Time: League)Tommy Roberts4
30/10/1915 v PRESTON NORTH END (War-Time: League)Teddy Lightfoot4
02/10/1915 v BOLTON WANDERERS (War-Time: League)Teddy Lightfoot3
03/04/1915 v MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES (League)Arthur Stringfellow3
28/11/1914 v MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES (League)Billy Caulfield3
24/10/1914 v CHORLEY (FA Cup )Billy Caulfield3
05/09/1914 v CREWE ALEXANDRA (League)Arthur Stringfellow3
15/11/1913 v NELSON (FA Cup )Billy Caulfield3
01/11/1913 v BARNOLDSWICK TOWN (FA Cup )Arthur Stringfellow3
06/04/1912 v MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES (League)Eddie Mosscrop3
02/12/1911 v FROME (FA Cup )John Grant3
12/03/1910 v MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES (League)Tom Williamson3
27/11/1909 v ST HELENS TOWN (League)Bobby Wright3
20/11/1909 v BURNLEY RESERVES (League)Bobby Wright3
24/04/1909 v BLACKBURN ROVERS RESERVES (League)Bobby Wright4
20/02/1909 v BLACKPOOL RESERVES (League)Robert Lawson3
05/09/1908 v ATHERTON (League)Robert Lawson3
21/04/1908 v BURY RESERVES (League)John Graham3
26/12/1907 v ACCRINGTON STANLEY (League)Lol Cook3
23/11/1907 v SOUTHPORT & DISTRICT LEAGUE (Friendly)James Meunier4
22/09/1906 v CHORLEY (FA Cup )Arthur Aaron3
17/03/1906 v WELSH DRUIDS (Friendly)Syd W Smith5
23/09/1905 v ST HELENS RECREATION (League)Syd W Smith3
01/04/1905 v BLACKBURN ROVERS RESERVES (League)Syd W Smith3
24/10/1904 v EARLESTOWN (Lancashire Senior Cup)Billy Dawson3
10/09/1904 v MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES (League)Syd W Smith3
09/04/1904 v BOLTON ST LUKES (League)Billy Dawson3
19/03/1904 v BARROW (League)Billy Dawson3
09/01/1904 v BURY (Lancashire Senior Cup)Billy Dawson3
07/11/1903 v CLITHEROE CENTRAL (League)Billy Dawson3
21/03/1903 v ST HELENS RECREATION (Rawcliffe Charity Cup)Jack Hulligan3
04/10/1902 v WORKINGTON (League)Jack Hulligan3
22/03/1902 v BACUP (League)Joey Shadbolt3
08/03/1902 v HAYDOCK (League)Frank Cooper4
19/10/1901 v BACUP (League)Joey Shadbolt4
02/03/1901 v BOLTON WANDERERS RESERVES (Rawcliffe Charity Cup)Joey Shadbolt3
18/09/1900 v MANCHESTER CITY (Friendly)Joey Shadbolt3
08/01/1900 v WIGAN COUNTY (Lancashire Senior Cup)Jack Sinclair3
25/12/1897 v SOUTH SHORE (League)Jack Kirwan3
27/03/1897 v FAIRFIELD (League)John Lang3
27/02/1897 v STOCKPORT COUNTY (League)Jack Kirwan3
30/01/1897 v FAIRFIELD (League)Joey Shadbolt3
17/10/1896 v ROSSENDALE (League)Jack Kirwan5
28/12/1895 v STOCKPORT COUNTY (League)William Hastings3
30/03/1895 v HEYWOOD CENTRAL (League)William Hastings3
26/12/1894 v HEYWOOD CENTRAL (League)Lollie Halsall4
19/12/1894 v WORKINGTON (FA Cup )Lollie Halsall4
21/04/1894 v NELSON (Lancashire League Medal Competition)Peter McCabe3
23/09/1893 v BARROW (League)Peter McCabe3
27/04/1892 v HESKETH PARK (Southport Charity Cup)R Cadwell3
13/02/1892 v NELSON (League)M McPherson3
23/01/1892 v NORTH MEOLS RESERVE (Reserve Friendly)Paul Gregson3
05/12/1891 v HIGHER WALTON (League)Thomas Lea3
05/12/1891 v BOLTON CHURCH INSTITUTE (Reserve Friendly)Fred Rimmer3
05/12/1891 v BOLTON CHURCH INSTITUTE (Reserve Friendly)H Hough3
14/11/1891 v WALTON BRECK (Reserve Friendly)H Hough3
31/10/1891 v NORTH MEOLS (Friendly)M McPherson3
17/10/1891 v SKERTON (Lancashire Junior Cup)Harry Lea3
17/10/1891 v SKERTON (Lancashire Junior Cup)Johnny Platt3
28/03/1891 v ROSSENDALE (League)Harry Lea3
21/03/1891 v HIGH PARK (Southport Charity Cup)Tom Iddon3
03/03/1890 v BOOTLE (Friendly)Charlie McLaren3
09/11/1889 v AINTREE CHURCH (Lancashire Junior Cup)Billy Wilson3
19/10/1889 v CHURCHTOWN (Lancashire Junior Cup)Thomas Lea3
19/10/1889 v CHURCHTOWN (Lancashire Junior Cup)Herbie Fecitt4
28/09/1889 v PRESTON ZINGARI (Lancashire Junior Cup)Dicky Dutton3
09/03/1889 v BURY (Friendly)? Taylor3
23/02/1889 v HEYWOOD (Friendly)? Taylor3
18/09/1886 v ANTLEY (Friendly)Percy Mellor3
10/04/1886 v BURSCOUGH (Southport Charity Cup)Charley Morris3
27/02/1886 v SOUTHPORT WANDERERS (Friendly)Percy Mellor3
v EVERTON RESERVES (Friendly)Andy Wilson 3