Holland’s Preference for English Coaches

Cricket and Football Field – Saturday 01 October 1910

Still Holland, the clubs are engaging English players to teach the young Dutchman the game, and the latest to go to the side of the Zuyder Zee is Jack Kirwan, the Irish International forward, who at one time or another was in the service of Southport Central, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur.  Kirwan, who is a native of Wicklow, and is 32 was recommended for appointment to the Amsterdam club by Mr. Howcroft, the Bolton referee, and he is still young enough to show the young Netherlanders how football should be played.  Few footballers have had a wider experience of football in its various phases.  “I have made an eight months’ agreement,” he writes, “and if we do well it may mean a longer term.  They have treated me like a prince since arriving here, and I shall do my best for them in every way.”