June 2021 Research Update

Reserve and A team results have now been added for the whole of the football league period 1921-1978. This has been time consuming but I do think it was important to add to the overall picture. As you will read below I am prioritising the research of other areas before I start adding the goalscorers from those games (which I do have) and i’m hoping that one day it may be possible to get the full line-ups. Unless there is already a record kept somewhere that i’m not aware of (perfectly possible!) that’s going to require painstaking research and at the moment my priorities lie elsewhere.

My goal is to fully research the early years and pre-football league period of 1881-1921..and as many of the personalities and players involved along the way. Clearly with the recent publication of the Lineage chart you will have seen that work has been well underway for some time and on this website is now the most complete record in existence…however we know it is still far from complete. Mike and I have taken advantage of the recently relaxed lockdown rules to be able to catch-up in person and I’ve also enlisted the help of local historian David Walshe. The plan is collate it all together in book form for it to be published at some point in future. All research however will also be published here too for the enjoyment of all. Any research that is looking back well over a century ago is going to be clearly quite a challenge but if it was too easy it wouldn’t be rewarding would it?