Kirwan Case – 09/06/1898


June 9 1898. The Liverpool Mercury

The kirwan case, a commission of F.A. on Wednesday sat in Manchester to consider a case in which the Everton football club, Blackburn and Southport central clubs were confirm, relative to a professional player named Kirwan who on march 2 ND signed a league form, and the following day both league and professional forms for Everton football club, the enquiry occupied over three hours and ottimately the following resolution was adopted, the commissioners are opinion that the course pursued by the clubs was censurable as a matter of practice. There has been no actual infringement of the rules of the F.A and therefore the clubs be left to relieve themselves of the difficulties in which they are placed.


July 8 1898 The Liverpool Mercury

The long standing dispute between Everton and Blackburn as to the right to the service of Kirwan of the Southport centre, has at length been settled by mutual agreement, after both English association and the football league had failed to come to a satisfactory decision the net result of the negotiation’ is that Everton football club keep the player, while rovers receive £150 for their concert.