Match Report – Liverpool Mercury – 24/01/1882

Tranmere Rovers v Southport (Association) – The return match between the above clubs took place at Southport on Saturday, and after a well contested game the Southport repeated their previous victory by scoring three goals (one disputed) to none. Teams – Southport: Goal, E.H Hollis;backs, J.B. Richardson, W.Kay, R.L.Rylance and B Pidduck; forwards, J. Melross, H.A. Smith, A. Briggs, J.T. Woodhead, JH Stone and T.B. Burnett (captain). Tranmere Rovers: Goal, C.Rogers; backs, McClean, R. Conway, J. Routledge, and T. Fisher; forwards, W.H. Routledge, J.Bird (captain), Roscoe, Edwards, W. Roberts, and Davies.

(Liverpool Mercury – 24th January 1882)