Match Report – Liverpool Mercury – 26/11/1883

SOUTHPORT v LIVERPOOL RAMBLERS – This match – one of the first ties of the Liverpool and District Cup competition – was played at Southport on Saturday. The Ramblers had whipped up a strong team, whilst Southport were deprived of the services of Ramsbottom, their half-back. During the first half Southport had somewhat the best of the play, and succeeded in scoring a goal. On changing ends, the Ramblers invaded the home quarters, and matters were equalised owing to one of the Southport half-backs playing the ball through his own posts. This had a demoralising effect upon Southport and three more goals were quickly added to the Ramblers score. Subsequently Southport, by the Ramblers score. Subsequently Southport, by the aid of Mellor, gained a further point and the game terminated in favour of the Ramblers by four goals to two. Teams – Southport: S.Platt, goal; H.Baxter and T.Blundell, backs; R.L.Rylance, W.Whittaker, and A.B.Dalby, half-backs; T.Morris, J.Melross, J.L.Briggs, P.Mellor and E.Martin, forwards. Liverpool Ramblers: H.A.Bailey, goal; G.W.Turner and J.B.Ismay, backs; A.R.Midwood, H.W. Bewley and J.Head, half-backs; W.Rayner, R.Winter, G.Smith, H.S.Brown, and A.B.Pritt, forwards.

(Liverpool Mercury – 26th November 1883)