Match Report – Southport Guardian – 21/10/1885


Teams- Southport: S.Platt, goal; H.Baxter and Griffiths, backs; Bailey, Briggs and Johnson, half-backs; T.Morris and J.Melross, right wing; C.Morris, centre; Mellor and Richardson, left wing; Umpire, Mr.Hatch

Wanderers: W.Kay, goal; Parks (capt.) and Berry, backs; Sellars, Liptrot and Sharrock, half-backs; R.Halsall and W.Halsall, right wing; E.Stead,centre; Leadbetter and T.Lea,left wing; umpire, Mr. J.E.Emmison; refer Mr. Whittaker.

The tram car stops opposite the Wanderers’ ground. Wish there was a tram-line when we have to go to Sussex-road. Time for leisurely survey of the field, the start being postponed for 15 minutes. Field suggests Captain Mayne Reid’s “rolling prairie” after a steam-roller had passed once over. It is level in so far as the hollows are not noticeable. Still it is dry, being sandy, like all Southport grounds. Must go further inland for the quagmire, or to play on the side of the “broo”. No dressing-room on field, so players balance on a plank, called, by courtesy, a grand stand, and adjust boot-laces. Wanderers’ committee wise to not run into debt. One supporter comes up with a sovereign towards a dressing tent, and a fair “gate” is being taken – Southport to divide the gate but not the sovereign. Think a few of the Wanderers might be more smart in their dress. Wonder why Baxter of the Southport is “got up” to resemble in body a magnified Wasp.  Hope Squire Platt has put on his woolen jersey underneath his stripes, for the wind whistles between the goal posts. Fix ourselves on the grand stand, and mighty glad the vanished fog has not let the rain down. No cover anywhere at a Southport football match. Ladies plucky.

(Southport Guardian, 21st October 1885)