Match Report – Southport Guardian – 26/10/1885

EVERTON v SOUTHPORT WANDERERS – This game was played at Anfield-road on Saturday, in the presence of a goodly number of spectators, and resulted ina victory for the home players by 3 goals to 1. The wanderers kicked off, but were quickly driven back on the defensive, Richard, Gurley, and Farmer each putting in capital runs; and the latter gave the visitors’ goalkeeper a warm handful. Then the Wanderers surprised everyone by dashing away, and, after some capital passing, scored first, amidst some cheering. The home players then worked hard, but were weak infront of goal; and then the Wanderers centre effected a pretty run down, but kicked wide. The game was pretty even up to half-time, the result then being in favour of Southport Wanderers by 1 to 0. The visitors at once became aggressive, but Everton returning found plenty of work for the opposing backs. Dobson placing the ball well in the Wanderers’ goal, Richards quickly shot it through amidst cheers. Immediately after, the ball was again scrimmaged through the same goal, although the visitors were by no means satisfied with the point. Everton now pressed strongly, and from a corner well placed by Corey, Farmer rushed through a third point for his side. The game continued in favour of Everton and Corey again shot through, the point being disallowed. Everton team: Joliffe, goal, Marriott and Dobson, backs; Corey, Pickering, Higgins, half-backs: McGoldrich, richards, Wilding, Farmer and Gourley, forwards”

(Liverpool Mercury – Monday 26th October 1885)