Match Report – Southport Guardian – 27/09/1884

The local captain having won the toss, Bailey kicked off for the visitors, the ball being worked pretty well in the stripes’ territory, but was quickly returned by some smart play on Dalby’s part, he, on many occasions, relieving his side from the pressure of the opponents. A fine scrimmage was held in front of the visitors’ goal, the result being a goal earned in fine style, and being put in off Morris. The ball was again started from the centre, and some clever play by Bailey and Callender for the visitors brought the ball in front of the home goal; and, after several shots being repelled by the backs, Ramsbotham comfortably misjudged the ball, the consequence being a goal for the visitors. The next feature in the game was one of Melross’ usual brilliant runs, who, in conjunction with Morris, ran the ball well up the field, the latter player centering, Briggs administered the final touch in a somewhat masterly fashion. Nothing of importance occurred until half-time, the visitors showing a want of “form”. Southport had far the better of the latter half, and Dalby from half-back put in a most clever goal, Bailey (Southport) taking charge of the goal-keeper. This was the last point scored by either team and a pleasant game resulted in favour of Southport by three goals to one”

(Southport Guardian, 27th September 1884)