Match Report – Southport Guardian – 29/11/1884



These clubs met on Saturday last in the above competition, on the ground of the former. The home captain having lost the toss the visitors elected to defend the railway goal. Dalby kicked off, and Wrigley obtained possession, he, in conjunction with his partner made a good run down the left. Bailey, however, soon stopped progress. The visitors, however, began to press the home backs, and sent in several shots which had every appearance of taking effect; but Platt saved his charge in due form – a proceeding which he kept up throughout the afternoon. Melross and Morris now got away, the latter passing to Mellor, whose shot at goal went wide. The game at this point was very fast, neither side having much advantage until Mellor, getting possession, crossed the ball to Melross, who took it down and made a splendid shot at goal. Briggs rushing up in the nick of time, succeeded in beating the goalkeeper, and admidst ringing cheers from the spectators, first blood was gained for Southport. On re-starting the forwards of both teams were conspicuous for their play, each goal being in turn attacked. Mellor again came to the fore, and, with a smart shot, notched the second goal for Southport. Nothing further of importance took place until half-time was called; the score being Southport two goals, Low moor nil. On re-starting neither side showed to any advantage until Morris centring, one of the visitor’s backs put the ball through his own goal. Nettled by the score against them Low Moor re-arranged their team – the change having a good effect. The forwards making things lively for Platt, but the Southport custodians were all there, stopping the shots in fine style. A shot from the wing was now sent in, which took effect, but was disallowed on the plea of offside. The home team soon afterwards also had a goal disallowed on the same plea. Wigley obtaining possession of the ball took it down the left, and Baxter gave a corner from which the visitors scored. No further score being made up to the call of time Southport became the winners of a really splendid game by three goals to one. The local team were never seen to better advantage than during this game, every man playing in fine form in a most unselfish style. The three “M’s”, Melross, Morris and Mellor, with Bailey, were repeatedly cheered for the tact displayed, while Platt, though at times kept busily at work, was never caught napping. Ramsbotham early on in the second half, was almost placed hors de combat, but not withstanding this he struggled gamely to the end, and several times removed the leather from a dangerous quarter. Baxter was also in form, and kicked with great judgement. The visitors played well to a man, and in a great measure owe their defeat to the fact that the local forwards were too fast for them.

(Southport Guardian, 29th November 1884)