Match Report – Southport Visiter – 02/10/1883

Southport (Association) v Liverpool Rovers – This match what’s playing at Newsham park on Saturday afternoon before a fair attendance of spectators. Great interest was taken in the meeting, it being the Rovers’ first match this season. The Reds were minus the assistance of their captain, Mr Rylance, H.Baxter, and C.Ambler. Southport having won the toss, elected to play with the wind. At 4:30 Whalley kicked off for the Rovers, but Whittaker soon returned the ball into the Rovers’ quarters. Here some magnificent play was shown by Mellor, who, after tackling three men and still keeping possession of the ball, sent in a rather warm shot. The goalkeeper being on the alert fisted it out, but Blundell was all there and headed the first goal for the visitors. This seemed to put the Rovers more on their mettle, and they tried every possible means to breakthrough, but the back play of Whitaker and Ramsbottom was too good for them. At this point Martin and Melross displayed some very good play, and worked the ball well up the field, when Melross sent it to Blundell, the ball being well returned to Melross by Flynn. Blundell at once went to the rescue and put in a “stinger” from the right, which resulted in a splendid goal. After this the Rovers played a much better game, and the combined forward play resulted in a goal, which was well burned by Whalley. Half time being called and ends changed the play on both sides was exceedingly good, the Rovers making every effort to score, but from the back play of Mr Benjamin their attempts were unsuccessful. Mellor getting the ball in his possession passed to Briggs, this player making a good run up the field returned the ball to Mellor, who after being tackled by Harford and McDonnell again took the liberty of centreing to Blundell, this piece of good play ended in Blundell adding a third goal to the “reds” score. The ball being started again from the centre, the Rovers compelled the “reds” to set up on the defensive, and despite the efforts of Whittaker and Ramsbotham, “Tussey” for the Rovers, secured a “clinking” goal. Nothing of importance occurred after this, with the exception already got a few good kicks by J.H.Johnson. The tackling and passing of Morris was exceptionally good, and the Reds found him a worthy substitute for see Ambler the game thus ended in a victory for Southport by three goals to two. Teams: Southport: S.Platt, goal; Pidduck and Whittaker, backs; Ramsbotham and Johnson, half-backs; Melross and Martin, right wings; Blundell and Morris, centres; Briggs and Mellor, left wing. Rovers: J.Donnelly, goal; Flynn and Roberts, backs; Jackson, Geoghegan and Middleton, half-backs; Harford and McDonnell, right wings; Whalley, centre; J. Donnelly and Murphy, left wings. Umpires – W.Kennedyy and R.W.T.Hatch. The first match on the home ground is fixed for Saturday next, when the locals meet the Bolton Club, and a good game may be anticipated.