Match Report – Southport Visiter – 11/09/1883

Southport v Croston – These teams met on the ground of the latter on Saturday. The Croston captain having won the toss, elected to play against the wind. T.Blundell kicked off for the Southport, and, aided by the wind, the “Reds” soon invaded the enemy’s territory, but from a combined rush of the Croston forwards a goal was kicked a minute from the commencement, Blundell having kicked off again soon after the ball being centred to that player, he scored the first goal for the “Reds”; this was soon after followed by a disputed goal by Blundell, the ball now rested for a long time in the Croston quarters till the Croston right wing having broken away, they shot at the Southport goal; it being rather wide of the mark, went behind. The ball having been kicked off by the Southport goal keeper it soon travelled into the Croston territory, when another disputed goal was kicked by Blundell; the ball still remained in close proximity to the Croston goal, and several corner kicks for Southport followed, but as time was called, no further advantage having been gained by either side. Croston having backed off, some even play in the middle of the field taking place, until a brilliant run by Melross on the right took place, taking the ball the length of the field, and centring to Martin that player was enabled to score a second goal for the “reds”. Croston, after settling the ball in motion, tried hard to make the game even, Aspin at length scoring a second goal for Croston. The “Reds” after kicking off again strove hard to score again and Mellor put in some excellent dribbling on the left, from one of which he shot at goal, but one of the Croston forwards picked up the ball and threw it out. Mellor now made an excellent run, from which Blundell scored the third goal for Southport. After this the Southport backs showed some excellent tackling, especially Whittaker. The goal keeper also stopped some warm shots. The Reds now made another continued rush, from which Melross scored a fourth goal for Southport. The Croston players still tried hard to score, but all their attempts proved unsuccessful, and after another brilliant run by Melross, Blundell shot a goal, which was however, disputed. Time was then called, the game standing – Southport, four goals and three disputed, to Croston two. For the “Reds”, Baxter and the youngsters Mellor, Melross and Martin played well, and for Croston, Bolton, Aspin, Bilton and Chadwick. Teams :- Southport: S.Platt, goal; Whittaker and H.Baxter, backs; Rylance and Ramsbotham, half backs; J.Melross and Martin, right wing; Mellow and Aughton, left wing; Ambler and T.Blundell, centres. Croston – H.Hughes, goal; Kirkham and Trafford, backs; Smith and S.W.chadwick, half backs; Bolton and Bilton, right wing; Gibbons and Aspin, left wing; Taylor and Bainford, centres. Umpires, Mr Hackforth and R.W.T.Hatch. Referee, W.Chadwick, Blackburn.