Match Report – Southport Visiter – 19/10/1882

Southport v Bolton Olympic (Association) – This match was played on the ground of the former, and resulted in an easy victory for the visiters. Some of the Southport players, particularly J.J.Briggs and T.Coleman (forwards), are very swift and good dribblers, but rather too selfish. Of the backs, T.Burnett played best. The goalkeeper (W.Platt) played a good game. Coming to the winners they at first showed a great want of practice, their passing combination, and kicking at goal being at the poorest description. Compared with the Southport players previously mentioned, they seemed fearfully stiff and slow, and had it not been for the brilliant plat of Nussey and Whittle at back they must have suffered heavily during the first half. About five minutes before its close, however, they woke up, and from then to the finish of the match they treated the spectators to a brilliant game. The speed, dodging and passing of the right wing, ably assisted by Atherton and Dewhurst, fairly took the breath out of the enemy. Of all the players Joseph Nussey was far the best, kicking and tackling to perfection. Whittle played in his usual dashing style, but would have shone better as half-back. Of the half-backs, Atherton and Dewhurst played best, but Moss who to the place of T Lee (disabled) was a failure. Burgiss and Auston (forwards) played a grand game throughout, the others doing fairly well after half time. The Olympic won by five goals to one. Teams – Southport: Goal, W.Platt; backs, T.Burnett, W.J.Kay; half-backs, R.J.Rylands, A.Bimpson, E.Ramsbottom; centre, C.Ambler; right wing, Alfred Dalby, J.Coleman; left wing, J.J.Briggs, R.Howard. Bolton Olympic: Goal, Atkinson; backs, J.Nussey, Whittle; half-backs: Atherton, Dewhurst and Moss; Centre, Crompton; right wing, Burgiss and Auston; left wing, Hardiker and Dewson.