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Match Report – Southport Visiter – 21/09/1886

The opening game of the Wanderers took place on their new ground in Scarisbrick New Road, on Saturday last, before a moderate attendance of spectators. The home team have been greatly strengthened by members of the late Southport, who chiefly added to the victory of the locals, by four goals to nil. Mellow and W. Morris worked energetically throughout the whole game, and Lea and Kerr proved to be of great service in the front rank. Sellars, Johnson and Hindley were three safe half-backs, whilst Parks, in the rear, showed some of his old form, and was ably assisted by Griffiths. Platt had not much to do, but what was required from him he did in his well-known cool manner. The visitors goal-keeper, no doubt, was the saviour of his side repelling shot after shot in a marvellous way. Sellars won the toss and shortly after four, Ashworth kicked off, the locals defencing the Kew goal. Hands, off Morris, for the visitors was soon claimed, but Sellars relieved, and the game proceeded in midfield, when Mellor receiving, put in a well directed shot, which Thornton cleared. A corner for the locals was now given by Wilkinson, Johnson taking the kick, and after a terrific scrimmage the ball was well put away. An occasional visit to Platt was taken up by the visitors forwards, but the backs returned, and the locals got another corner which Morris took and put in a beauty, the ball just hitting the crossbar and dropping over. On the kick out Sudell and Riley raced away down the right, Griffiths concerning a corner, which however was not utilised. The Wanderers forwards again worked up the field, and by good play, Mellor scored. Afterwards, from a corner kick by Morris, Kerr rushed the ball through the posts, thus scoring No. 1 for the Sacrisbrick New-road players. Restarting the locals assisted by a stiff breeze, gained another point, half-time soon after being called with the locals being two goals to the good. On the kick-off Antley, favoured with the wind, made a rush up the field. Johnson saved, and Riley, getting hold for Antley, sent in a ripping shot, which Platt with difficulty cleared. Lea and Kerr were the next to show up and Mrris with a long low shot scored again for the winners. Clegg and Hayward got away for the visitors, and were looking dangerous, but Sellars saved with a long kick, and Morris receiving the same promptly kicked the ball through but the goal was disallowed on account of the offside rule. A little give and take play followed now, when Hindley made a pretty good run down the right, and delivered a well aimed shot at the goal, which struck the crossbar and rebounded into play, but Mellor, following up well, placed the leather safely out of the custodian’s reach. A few mistakes only remained for play, and no other score being totalled, the Wanderers came out of the struggle victorious as indicated above. TeamsL Wanderers: mPlatt, goal; Parkes and Griffiths, backs; Sellars, Johnson and Hindley, half-backs; Mellor, W. Morris, J. Kerr, T.H. Lea and C. Riley forwards. Antley: Thornton, goal; Wilkinson and Barrett, backs; Ainsworth, Howart and Whittaker, half-backs; W.T. Riley, Sudell, Ashworth, Heyward and Clegg, forwards.

(Southport Visiter, Tuesday 21st September 1886)

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