Match Report – Southport Visiter – 24/01/1882

Tranmere Rovers v Southport (Association) – The return match between the above clubs took place at Southport on Saturday, and after a well contested game the Southport repeated their previous victory by scoring three goals (one disputed) to none. The first half was much in favour of the home team, but their shooting was erratic, although they had very hard luck, the ball hitting the crossbar several times. The second half they were more successful, and succeeded in scoring twice, Woodhead and Melross doing the needful. The home team all worked hard, and for the Rovers Davies, Roscoe and Roberts were most conspicious. Teams – Southport: Goal, J.H Hollis; backs, J.B. Richardson, W.Kay, R.L.Rylance and B Pidduck; forwards, J. Melross, H.A. Smith, A. Briggs, J.T. Woodhead, J.H. Stone and T.B. Burnett (captain). Tranmere Rovers: Goal, C.Rogers; backs, McClean, R. Conway, J. Routledge, and T. Fisher; forwards, W.H. Routledge, J.Bird (captain), Roscoe, Edwards, W. Roberts, and Davies.