Match Report – Southport Visiter – 27/12/1881

The Southport and Burscough clubs (Association) played their return match on the ground of the former on Saturday before a considerable number of spectators, amongst them whom were several ladies. Platt kicked off for the home team against a strong wind; the ball was quickly returned and kept in the centre of the ground, the play being very equal, several good runs being made by the forwards of both teams, Coleman and Smith being tmost conspicuous. Melross now got possession and ran the ball up on the left wing; the attempt at goal, however, was unsuccessful, the visitors’ backs being outside. Baxter took the throw in and placed the ball in the mouth of the Burscough goal, when it went through off one of their own backs. First blood for Southport fifteen minutes from the commencement. Encouraged by this success, the Southportonians began to press the visitors, and good runs were made and several corner kicks were secured; the strong wind, however, prevented any score. Coleman next by a dodgy run took the leather to the home goal and made a good shot but the “reverend” was equal to the occasion, and cleared huis charge by fine style. Smith and Platt in the centre were next to the fore, and passing well to the wing, Burnett ran the sphere into the corner and screwed in front of the Burscough goal, and after a slight scrimmage, Bulcock administered the final touch, thus securing goal number two for the home team. Up to half-time no other score was made by either side, the ball travelling from one end to the other, play being very fast. On changing ends, and with the wind at their backs, the supporters of the home team looked rather jubilant over the rosy chances of securing more goals, but were doomed to disappointment, the really splendid goal keeping of Reynolds preventing any further score. The visitors, notwithstanding the state of the game, stuck well to their work, some good runs being made by Thorogood, Baldwin, and Coleman. From a long shot by the latter players the Southport colours were lowered for the first time. Although all the home team were confident the ball had actually gone over instead of under the tape, the umpire, however, allowed the score. The Southport men, nettled by the reverse, played up more determingly, and for the rest of the game kept up a continual attack on the Burscough citadel, but were very wild in their shooting, which in a great measure is accounted for by them having to run across a lot of ice near the goal. Southport, when time was called, were left winners by two goals to one. For the Burscough team Eynolds, Coleman, and Thorogood were most conspicuous.The winners all worked hard, and it would be invidious to single out anyone in particular, although if anything Smith played the best. Teams: Southport, backs, E.Ramsbottom, A.Irving, C.R.Rylance, and H.Baxter; forwards, J.Melross, J.Bullock, W.Platt, H.A.Smith, J.R.Topliss, T.B.Burnett (captain) Goal: Rev. James Hollis.

(Southport Visiter 27th December 1881)