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Player Profile: Jim Briscoe

Briscoe was a strapping full back who joined the Royal Marines soon after leaving school and saw service in Constantinople. While based at Chatham barracks he was capped by Kent County FA.

He left the royal marines at Easter 1925 when Manchester United bought his release. He never progressed beyond their reserve side and early in 1925-26 had moved on to Ashton National. By November he had become one of 5 former Manchester united players to assist Southport that season but received a bad kick on the ankle on his debut against hartlepool’ and was out for 3-weeks.

One contemporary report stated that he gave a useful display on his debut with several interventions and showed good judgement and timing but his kicking was not too impressive.

Released in the close season he was signed by Congleton but very soon found himself back on a further months trial at Old Trafford. Thereafter he apparently assisted Accrington Stanley briefly before retiring. Apart from serving in France in the second world war, he worked in engineering for the rest of his life but having taken early retirement at 64 owing to chest and heart trouble, died within the same year.

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