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Player Profile: Kenny Davenport

Began his career with Gilnow Rangers FC in Bolton, before joining the towns senior side, Bolton Wanderers FC in 1883. Kenny Davenport is generally credited with scoring the first ever League goal in the world. On 8 September 1888, when the Football League played its first matches, Davenport had scored a hat-trick within the first five minutes for Bolton Wanderers FC against Derby County FC.
Capped twice for England in 1885 and 1890 against Wales and Ireland respectively he scoring two goals in the latter game although according to some newspaper match reports, Davenport didn’t score any of the goals against Ireland, instead giving four, possibly five, goals to Fred Geary. The truth is that several of England’s goals were typical of the time, scored from massed scrimmages in muddy goalmouths.
He joined Southport Central FC during the 1892-93 season and also represented Lancashire FA on at least six occasions.

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