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Real Name: Ralph Leather Rylance
Normal Position: Centre Half
Born: Prestolee, Bolton
Died: 30/01/1915 (Southport)

Ralph RylanceBorn Q3 1842

Season: 1883/1884 [Back to Player Stats]
The player made an appearance in the following games:
Date Competition Venue Opponents Score Goals
08/09/1883 Friendly Away CROSTON 4 - 2 0
16/09/1883 Friendly Away EVERTON 0 - 3 0
20/10/1883 FA Cup / 1 Away BLACKBURN ROVERS 0 - 7 0
24/11/1883 Liverpool Challenge Cup Home LIVERPOOL RAMBLERS 2 - 4 0

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How much do we know about the man largely credited with the establishment of football in our town? Actually, quite a lot.... Ralph’s parents James Leather (Born 1821) and Margaret Rylance (Born 1813 in Wigan) were married in 1837. They had three Children. Elizabeth Leather was born in 1838. James Leather was

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Much has been made of R.L. Rylance's contribution to establishing association football in Southport. He came to Southport from Blackburn in 1881 where he was employed by a firm of solicitors. Before moving he played for the Blackburn Law team. To set one popular belief to bed, whilst it had originally