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Real Name: Francis Oliver King
Normal Position: Goalkeeper
Born: 13/03/1917 (Alnwick, England)
Died: 01/01/2003 (Approximate)

Season: 1943/1944 [Back to Player Stats]
The player made an appearance in the following games:
Date Competition Venue Opponents Score Goals
28/08/1943 War-Time: League Away TRANMERE ROVERS 3 - 2 0
04/09/1943 War-Time: League Home TRANMERE ROVERS 3 - 1 0
18/09/1943 War-Time: League Home ROCHDALE 4 - 4 0

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This article has been reproduced with permission from the excellent Blyth Spirit blog at Francis Oliver King was born on 13th April 1917 in Radcliffe, Northumberland. The eldest of three brothers, George & Ray, his father was a miner at Radcliffe colliery. Aged only nine they were evicted from their colliery house