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Full Name: Alf Setchell
Normal Position: Outside Right
Born: 29/10/1924
Died: December 2011 (Coventry) - (approximate)

Alf Setchellsuccumbed to his injuries after being badly burned in a fire at his home in Holbrooks Lane in Coventry in 2011. Outside of football, Alf worked at Dunlop Aviation Division for a number of years before being elected to the position of Secretary of the Unicorn Social Club, Holbrook Lane, in 1972. He held this position until his retirement in 1993. He was therefore well known not only in the Holbrooks area but also in the wider Warwickshire branch of the Club and Institute Union organisation. Alf lived in Coventry for the rest of his life until his untimely death.

Season: 1943/1944 [Back to Player Stats]
The player made an appearance in the following games:
Date Competition Venue Opponents Score Goals
20/11/1943 War-Time: League Away LIVERPOOL 0 - 9 0