Research Update – 2021 so far…

Harry Schofield

Our research into the history of Southport Football Club stems from our aim to to help supporters new and old to recognise the contribution each and every player, manager, coach or official has made to the club, town and community.

Key updates since the turn of the year include:

  • Launch of our new fundraising lottery supporting the FPA and Community teams (Juniors and Ladies)
  • Launch of our line of Retro shirts.
  • Addition of a number of Team Photos from the 1920s and 1930s
  • Addition of a number of player profiles (this is an ongoing project)
  • Results, Line-ups and match reports added for 1886. (End of 1885/86 & start of 1886/87)
  • Results, Line-ups and match reports added for the start of 1889. (End of 1888/89) – research continuing
  • Addition of reserve results for seasons 1921/22 – 1952/53
  • Location of the grave sites of a number of former players and key people in the history of Southport FC.
  • Re-organisation of the navigation of the website to include a dedicated Early Years section, and a new brief history of the “Rugby years“.