Research Update August 2020

Team Photo 1931/32

A group of the two teams that played a practice match on 22nd August 1931. Standing: Mr A. Wilson (Director), Mr Bert Pelham (Secretary-Manager), Frank Jefferis (Trainer), Seagrave, Batty, Middleton, Baker, Kirtley, Vincent, Little, Ald. Clayton (Director), Astley, Holmes, Archibald, Semple (Assistant Trainer), W. Parkinson (Director), J.H.Alexander (Director). Centre: Robinson, Hills, McConnell, Waterston, E.W. Raynor (Chairman), Cowen, Ison. Sitting: Towers, Taylor, Monk, Wilson, Paterson, Hardy

Our research has continued through August, albeit interrupted by much needed holidays.

You will have seen a number of match and team photos start to appear on the site recently. So far they have come mainly from the 1930s but to say there is a lot more to come is the biggest understatement of the century. What has been digitised so far hasn’t even scratched the surface.

Mike and I spent a very productive evening last week reviewing and cross referencing fixtures, results and line ups for the period of 1881-1889. It’s an almighty challenge and our research has identified many scheduled fixtures that we have so far been unable to verify actually took place. In many cases we managed to confirm that they didn’t! There are many restrictions still in place on Library visits which will make it difficult in the short term to further research that time frame but, once lifted, we at least do now know where we need to look!

As we go into September we will shift our focus back to the second world war and hopefully complete the picture in terms of results and line-ups.