Early Rugby

The results archive contains the results and line-ups of all fixtures traceable. Other fixtures may have been arranged but there appears to be no record published in any local newspapers to confirm that they took place.

Southport Football Club: Results from 1872-1881 & 1882-1884

Southport Wasps: Results from 1877-1879 & 1883-1885

Southport Hornets: Results from 1879-1883

Southport Olympic: Results from 1876-1889

Rugby scoring developed significantly over the years, and the point scoring system in place today was not used during the period covering the statistics shown in this book. Goals were the primary method of determining the result, however alongside the result was often a breakdown of the scoring and therefore the score is included here wherever known with the following code used for simplicity. For example, 6G, 2T, 1M would be 6 Goals, 2 Tries and 1 Minor Point. The score of the team for whom the statistics are noted is always shown first. For example, a defeat would be record as 1G v 2G and a win recorded as 2G v 1G regardless of the venue.

  • G = Goal
  • T = Try
  • TD = Touchdown
  • TIG = Touch in Goal
  • M = Minor Point
  • R = Rouge
  • PO = Punt Out
  • QW = Quarter Way