Southport Olympic


*As the Church of England Temperance Society Football Club

03/02/1877     TWENTY OF ST PHILIPS CHOIR (Home)         Win – 1G 3T 6TD v 0

*Played with 10 men

N.Howard (Capt.), F.Mawdsley, H.Thompson, W.H.Ball, G.R.Duxfield, W.Carr, Fletcher, H.Walmesley, T.Molineux and one other unnamed.


*As the Church of England Temperance Society Football Club

08/11/1887     St Thomas’ Preston (Away)   Win – 3G 2TD v 0

R.Fletcher, J.Shaw (full backs); N.Howard, G.R.Duxfield (¾ backs); W.H.Ball, R.Dickinson; H.Walmesley, W.H.Carr, H.Richards, C.Mawdesley, R.Culshaw, H.Johnson, W.Marshall, G.Edge, J.Darbyshire (forwards)

10/11/1887     SOUTHPORT WASPS (Home) Draw – No Score Known

J.Shaw, R.Fletcher (full backs); N.Howard, H.Thomson (¾ backs); G.R.Duxfield, J.C.Wright, W.Carr, H.Walmesley, R.Culshaw, H.Richards, H.Johnson, J.Rockcliffe, G.Edge, E.Roscoe, Thomas Bell (forwards)

8/12/1877       Preston Athenium (Away)                Lost – 0 v 7T 2TD

N.Howard (Capt.), W.Marshall; R.Fletcher, W.H.Bell, G.R.Duxfield, W.H.Carr, E.Roscoe, H.Johnson, W.Atkins, H.Richards, J.Rockcliffe, J.W.Jones

15/12/1877     Preston Olympic (Away)       – Result Unknown

J.Shaw, R.Fletcher (full backs); W.H.Ball, N.Howard (Capt.), W.H.Smith (¾ backs); H.Walmesley, A.C.Broome, W.Platt, E.Roscoe, R.Culshaw, H.Richards, W.Marshall, R.Dickinson, J.Rockcliffe, G.Edge (forwards)

15/01/1878     WATERLOO (Home)               Won – 1G, 5%, 1TIG, 4TD v 0

J.Shaw, W.Marshall (full backs); W.H.Ball, R.Fletcher (¾ backs); N.Howard (Capt.), H.Walmsley (½ backs); W.Platt, E.roscoe, H.A.Smith, W.Carr, G.R.Duxfield, H.Johnson, G.Edge (forwards)

26/01/1878     ST THOMAS’ PRESTON (Home)         Won – 1G, 6T,1TIG, 10TD v 0

G.Edge, W.Marshall (fullbacks); W.H.Ball, J.Shaw, G.R.Duxfield (¾ backs); N.Howard (Capt.), H.A.Smith (½ backs); H.Johnson, J.Eastham, H.Richards, W.H.Carr, T.Ball, J.Darbyshire (forwards)

09/02/1878     SOUTHPORT RANGERS (Home)         Draw – 1T, 5TD v 1T,1TD

G.R.Duxfield, L.Conroy (full backs); W.Marshall, G.Edge, F.Pattison (¾ backs); H.Walmsley (Capt.), H.A.Smith (½ backs); H.Richards, H.Johnson, F.Mawdsley, T.Ball, J.Darbyshire, J.Bullock, W.H.Jervis (forwards)

16/02/1878     NORTH END (PRESTON) (Home)       Lost – 1TD v 1G, 2T, 5TD

J.Shaw, G.Edge (full backs); R.Fletcher, W.H.Ball (¾ backs); H.Walmsley (Capt.), H.A.Smith (½ backs); W.Carr, J.Bargh, H.Richards, G.Lloyd, G.R.Duxfield, J.Eastham, W.Marshall, H.Johnson, F.Mawdsley (forwards)

23/02/1878     PRESTON OLYMPIC (Home)   Lost – 1DB v 3G, 2T, 6TD

F.Patison, J.Halsall (full backs); W.H.Ball, R.Fletcher, W.Marshall (¾ backs); H.Walsmley (Capt.), H.Richards (½ backs); W.Platt, G.R.Duxfield, H.Johnson, J.Bullock, J.Rockliffe, J.Dunn, S.Radcliffe (forwards)

02/03/1878     Sandringham School (Away) Won – 1G, 2T5TD, 1DB v 1TD

F.Pattison, G.Edge (full backs); R.Fletcher, W.H.Ball, H.A.Smith (¾ backs); H.Walmsley (Capt.), J.Shaw (½ backs); H.Richards, W.Marshall, W.H.Carr, G.R.Duxfield, F.Mawdsley, H.Johnson, J.Rockliffe, J.Bullock (forwards)

23/03/1878     PRESTON ATHENIUM (Home)            Won – 1T,  2TD v 0

F.Pattisou, G.Edge (full backs); R.Fletcher, W.H.Ball (¾ backs); H.Walmsley (Capt.), J.Shaw (½ backs); W.Platt, E.Roscoe, J.Rockliffe, W.H.Carr, H.Richards, F.Mawdsley, G.E.Duxfield, R.Culshaw, H.Johnson (forwards)