Southport Rugby Club 1891-1893

27/03/1891PRESENT 15 (3G 2M) v (3T 4M) PAST 15
Full Line-Ups Not Given
Present XV included Learoyd(c), Gray, Kellett, Scott, Bennett, Summers
Past XV included Walter Rimmer (c), Webster, Alf.Spinks, Spinks, Mason, Yates

1891/92 Season

Home – Sussex Road, Sports Ground

05/09/1891 – Pemberton 1st (Away) Lost 0 v 3T

Full line-up not given. Included F.Berry (formerly a Wanderers association player), C.H.Morley, late of Swinton

12/09/1892 – Wigan Temperance (Home) Won 2T v 1T

Line-up: F.Berry (fullback); W.K.Learoyd (captain), E.B.Kellett, E.Bennett, three-quarter backs; G.Swire and H.Wright, half-backs; C.H.Morley, T.Baughan, T.H.Robertson, Ed.Scott, J.Millington, J.Pace, Jos.Rickerby, Nicholas, Sawyer, forwards.

19/09/1891 – Waterloo (Home) Won 1G, 4T 1TD v 1G, 1T, 1TD

Line-up: F.Berry (fullback); W.K.Learoyd (captain), E.B.Kellett, E.Bennett, three-quarter backs; J.Bracewell and G.Swire, half-backs; C.H.Morley, T.Baughan, T.H.Robertson, Ed.Scott, J.Millington, J.Pace, Jos.Rickerby, Georgie.Summers, forwards.

26/09/1891 – Pemberton (Home) Lost – 8M v 1T 3M

Line-up: F.Berry (fullback); W.K.Learoyd (captain), E.B.Kellett, E.Bennett, W.Sawyer, three-quarter backs; G.Summers and Wal.Rimmer, half-backs; C.H.Morley, Scott, T.H.Robertson, Ed.Scott, W.A.Millington, Jos.Rickerby, T.Baughan, J.Nicholas, R.Webster forwards.

01/10/1891 – Tuebrook (Away) Lost 0- v 5T

Line-Up: F.Berry (fullback); Learoyd, Kellett, Owen (three-quarter backs); Clayton, Summers (half-backs); C.H.Morley, T Baughan, R.Scott, J.Norris, M.Witcher, J.H.Robertson, Millington, J.Yonge (forwards).

10/10/1891 – Horwich (Home) Lost 3T v 1G, 1T

G.E.Swire (fullback); W.K.Learoyd (captain), Wal.Sawyer, R.Bennett (three-quarter backs); T.F. Owen, G.Summers (half backs); T.Baughan, J.Yonge, R.Scott, J.Norris, J.Rickerby, W.Wylie, J.Nichols, J.R.Page, F.Berry (forwards)

17/10/1891 – Red Rock (Away) Won 1G, 1T v Nil

G.E.Swire (fullback); W.K.Learoyd (captain), Wal.Sawyer, Brown, (three-quarter backs); T.F. Owen, Geo.Summers, (half backs); T.Baughan, J.Yonge, F.Berry, Smith, J.Nichols, M.Witcher, Woolfe, R.Scott, J.R.Page, sub (forwards)

24/10/1891 – Wigan “A” (Home) Won 1G 5T, 1G 1T

Rickerby (fullback); W.K.Learoyd (captain), Earls, Wal.Sawyer, (three-quarter backs);T.F. Owen, Geo.Summers, (half backs); C.H.Morley, Yonge, Baughan, Berry, Norris, Smith, Scott, Nichols, Page (forwards)

31/10/1891 – Aspull “A” (Home) Lost 1T v 3T
Swire (fullback); Sawyer, Earle, Learoyd (three-quarter backs); Owen, Summers (half-backs); Morley, Wylie, Roberton, Norris, Yonge, Berry, Baughan, Scott, Nicholls (forwards)

07/11/1891 – St Ann’s Parish Church “A”, Birkenhead (Away) Draw 0-0
Selected Team: H.Brown (fullback); Learoyd (captain), Earl, Sawyer (three-quarter backs); Summers, Owen (half-backs); Yonge, Baughan, Berry, Smith, Nicholls, Scott, Blundell, Rimmer, Page (forwards)

07/11/1891 – “Sides” Game with teams selected by Rickerby and F.Ball. Draw 4-4( 1DG v 2T )
Named men: Head, Bretherton, Fletcher, Ball, Ewart, Wolffe, Moncur.

14/11/1891 – Crescent Rangers (Liverpool) “A” (Home) Won 1G 3T (11) v (9) 2G
Swire (full back); Wolffe, Dawson, Rickerby (three-quarter backs); Owen, Summers (half-backs); Ogden, Brereton, F.Ball, T.Rimmer, F.W.Heap, Winstanley, Fletcher, Blundell (forwards)

21/11/1891 – Aspull “A” (Away) Lost 0 v 1T
Swire (full back); Learoyd, Earle, Sawyer (three-quarter backs); Owen, Summers (half-backs); Baugham, Wylie, Nicholls, Rimmer, Blundell, Berry, Hilton, Brown, Richard Scott (forwards)

28/11/1891 – Manchester Free Wanderers (Home) Won 16-2 – 1G 6T v 1T
Swire (full back); Learoyd, Brown, Sawyer (three-quarter backs); Earle, Owen (half-backs); Summers, Morley, Baughan, Yonge, Rimmer, Blundell,Rd. Scott, Nichols, Robertson (forwards)

05/12/1891 – Tranmere Wanderers (Away) Lost 0 v 4
G. Swire (full back); Rowley, Brown, Walter Sawyer (three-quarter backs); Summers, Owen (half-backs); Morley, Baughan, Yonge, Scott, F.Rimmer, Head, Nichols, Hilton, Berry (forwards)

12/12/1891 – Wigan A (Away) – Match Postponed (weather)
Swire (full back); Learoyd, Brown, Sawyer (three-quarter backs); Earle, Summers (half-backs); Baughan, Harvy, Scott, Rimmer, Blundell, Nichols, Rowley, Wolfe, Milton (forwards)

19/12/1891 – Bootle (Home) – no Report found – Probable Postponement

No reports in Visiter for remainder of December

Coverage resumes 5th January but with Liverpool Old Boys v Waterloo, not Southport.

09/01/1892 – Tuebrook (Home) – no Report found
F.W.Rowley (full back); Wal. Sawyer, Timperere, Learoyd (three-quarter backs); Summers, Earle (half-backs); Morley, Baughan, Rimmer, Scott, Berry Nichols, Millington, Walker

23/01/1892 – Hindley All Saints (Away) – Lost 0 v 1G 2T
Rowley (full back); Sawyer, Brown, Learoyd (three-quarter backs); Woolf, Earle , Summers (half-backs); Morley, Robertson, Nichols, Scott, Rimmer, Millington, Head, Mason.

30/01/1892 – St Helens Recreation “A” (Away) – Won 2G v 0
Report in Visiter 02/02 however is of too poor quality to read
Rowley (full back); Sawyer, Brown, Learoyd (three-quarter backs); Summers, Earle (half-backs); Berry, Robson, Robinson, Hilton, Baughan, L?, Rimmer, Witscher, Scott.

06/02/1892 – Hindley All Saints (Home) Won 1G 4M v 2M
Brown (full back); Wolfe, Sawyer, Bennett, Learoyd(capt) (three-quarter backs); Summers, Earle (half backs); Baughn, Robertson, Rimmer, Rickerby, Head, Bretherton, Witscher, Berry.

13/02/1892 – Wigan Temperance (Away) – Draw 1T v 1T
Brown (full back); Swayer, Wolfe, Learoyd, Summers (three quarter-backs); Earle (half backs); Rickerby, Hilton, Berry, Rimmer, Baughan, Nichols, Head, Witscher, Robertson

20/02/1892 – No Game (Weather) v St Annes Parish Church

27/02/1892 – Wigan Recreation (Home) Lost 2 v 3 (1T v 1G)
Head (fullback); Sawyer, Woolf, Kellet, Learoyd (three-quarter backs); Summers, Baughan (half-backs); Rickerby , Rimmer, Robertson, Blundell, Nicholls, Brereton, Witscher, Scarlett.

12/03/1892 – Crompton (Away) Lost – 1G, 1T v 4G
Kellett (fullback); Sawyer, Wolfe, Learoyd (three quarter backs); Summers, Earle (half backs); Rimmer, Hilton, Berry, Baughan, Brookfield, Nicholls, Witscher, Mason, Robertson.

26/03/1892 – St Helens (Away) no Report found
No Report in subsequent editions
Head (fullback); Sawyer, Wolfe, Learoyd, Kellett (three quarter backs); Summers, Baughan (half backs); Berry, Witscher, Rimmer, Nicholls, Robertson, ?, Blundell, Brookfield

09/04/1892 – St Helens “A” (Home) Won 4 (2T) v 0
W.K.Learoyd (fullback); Sawyer, Edwards, Bennett (three-quarter backs); Summers, Baughan (half backs); Berry, Robertson, Rimmer, Nichols, Wright, Blundell, Witscher, Millington, Rickerby

16/04/1892 – Red Rock, Wigan (Home) – no Report found

23/04/1892 – St Helens “A” (Home) Won 15 (1G, 5T) v 0
Earle (full back); Sawyer, C. Laya, Learoyd (three-quarter backs); Summers, F Laya (half backs); Hilton, Berry, Baughan, Rimmer, Robertson, Nichols, Blundell, Webster, Harvey

30/04/1892 – Standish South End (Home) Won 7 (1G, 2T) v 6 (3T)Last match of season
Rickerby (full back); C.Laya, U.Sawyer, T.Baughan (three quarter backs); F.Laya, G.Summers (half backs); Mason, Nicholl, T.Hillsdon, E.Hillsdon, F.Ball, Harvey, Robertson

At the end of the season it was reported in the Southport Visiter (7th May) that in its first year Southport Rugby club had won 13 games, 9 were lost and 2 were drawn.
This means that two of the games against Bootle (19/12/1891), Tuebrook (09/01/1892), St Helens (09/04/1892) or Red Rock (16/04/1892) must have taken place and been a win.
6 Matches took place for a second team, of which 4 were wins, with 1 draw and 1 loss.