Southport Wasps


6/10/1877       CROSBY (Home)                                             Draw – 1G, 5T, 2TD v 1G

No Line-Up Available

20/10/1877     Bootle Wanderers (Away)                             Lost – Score Unknown

*13 men.
Hollis; C.Harvey, C.Tuckness (¾ backs); W.Platt, L.E.Johnson (½ backs); J.G.Howard, W.H.Crabtree, E.S.Harper, Eccles, G.Lloyd, Hudson, R.Dixon, Broome (forwards)

3/11/1877       Preston Ramblers (Away)                              Lost – 1TD v 3T, 4 TD

No Line-Up Available

10/11/1877     Church of England Temperance FC (Away)  Lost – Score Unknown

J.O.Gatley (full back); C.Harvey, J.Eastham (¾ backs); C.Rigg, C.Tuckness (½ backs); J.Bargh (Capt.), J.G.Howard, W.H.Crabtree, L.E.Johnson, R.Dixon, W.Platt, R.Segar, G.M.Smith (forwards)

10/11/1877     Sandringham Schools (Away)                       Lost – 0 v 1G, 2T, 2TD

No Line-Up Available

24/11/1877     LITHERLAND (Home)                          Won – 0 v 1T,6TD

No Line-Up Available

8/12/1877       FAIRFIELD (Home)                              Won – 3G 4TD v 1T 1TD

No Line-Up Available

15/12/1877     EDGREMONT WANDERERS (Home)  Lost – 2T 6TD 1 TIG v 1G

No Line-Up Available

12/02/1878     LIVERPOOL WANDERERS (Home)                 Won – 1G, 2TD v 0

T.Sykes, Shaw (full backs); C.Harvey, Fletcher (¾ backs); L.E.Johnson, W.H.Gregory (½ backs); J.Bargh, J.G.Howard, E.S.Harper, G.Lloyd, W.H.Crabtree, J.Eastham, Roscoe, Banks, E.Dixon (forwards)

26/02/1878     LITHERLAND (Home)              Won – 1G, 3T, 6TD, 1TIG, 1DB v 0

H.Gregory, J.Eastham (full backs); C.T.Baldwin, T.Sykes (¾ backs); Warburton, W.H.Gregory (½ backs); J.Bargh, J.G.Howard, G.Lloyd, W.H.Crabtree, P.Chadwick, L.E.Johnson, E.S.Harper, E.Dixon, G.M.Smith (forwards)

05/03/1878     ST HELENS (Home)     Won – 1G, 1 Poster, 5T,4TD 1TIG v 0

No Line-Up Available

12/03/1878     PRESTON ROVERS (Home)    Won – 1T, 7TD v 1T

No Line-Up Available

19/03/1878     FAIRFIELD (Home)                  Lost – 0 v 1T, 5TD, 1DB

T.Sykes, E.Dickson (full backs); T.Smith, C.Harvey (¾ backs); L.E.Johnson, Finner (½ backs); J.Bargh, G.Howard, W.Platt, G.Lloyd, W.H.Crabtree, E.S.Harper, G.M.Smith, J.Eastham (forwards)

26/03/1878     FAIRFIELD WANDERERS (Home)       Won – 1G v 1TD
Match abandoned at half time due to protest from visiting team

No Line-Up Available

02/04/1878     ROCHDALE HORNETS (Home)           Lost – 1TD v 2G, 4T. 2TD

No Line-Up Available * 12 Men