Christ Church / Southport Recreation

1882/83 (Rugby)

03/02/1883         St Josephs, Birkdale (Away)              Won – 3T, 1TIG, 1DB v 1TIG, 1DB

*Rugby Rules

D.Quayle (full back); J.Ingham, F.Traveloni, J.Whittaker (¾ backs); R.Blackledge, G.Rockliff (½ backs); G.W.Hesketh, Fred. Blundell, J.Blackledge, H.Blundell, J.Evans, H.Wainwright, J.Robinson, A.N.Other.

1883/84 (Association)

29/12/1883         ST JOSEPHS (Home)                                                            Lost 0-1

F.Traveloni (goal); G.Hesketh (Capt.), D.Quayle (backs); R.Sawyer, J.Robinson (half backs); H.Wainwright, N.Rimmer (rights); R.Blackledge, F.Lund (lefts); J.Evans, G.Halsall (centres)

05/01/1884         CROSSENS (Home)                                                              Lost 0-3

F.Traveloni (goal); Hesketh, Rimmer (backs); Porter, Rimmer, Quayle (half backs); Blackledge, Lunt (left); Wainwright, Halsall (right); Porter (centre)

19/01/1884         High Park Ramblers (Away)              Draw in favour of High Park

*both sides played with 12 men

F.Traveloni (Goal); T.Mayo, F.Sheridan, John Ball, W.Evans, T.Sawyer, G.Hesketh, R.Johnson, A.Blackledge, S.Houghton, Tushy, J.Rimmer, J.Robinson

02/02/1884         SOUTHPORT ROVERS (Home)                                          Draw 1-1

*10 men

F.Travloni (Goal); P.Rimmer, J.Ball (backs); J.Evans, D.Quayle (½ backs); H.Wainwright, (Capt.), N.Rimmer, G.Halsall, F.Lunt, R.Blackledge

09/02/1884         ST JOSEPHS                                                                           Lost 0-3

F.Traveloni (Goal); F.Berry, J.Ball (backs); J.Robinson, J.Evans, D.Quayle (half backs); N.Rimmer, G.Halsall, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Blackledge, T.Porter

16/02/1884         Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (Away)                         Won 2-0

F.Traveloni (Goal); J.Evans,G.Hesketh (backs); D.Quayle, T.Porter, Robinson (half backs); H.Wainwright (Capt). N.Rimmer, G.Halsall, R.Blackledge, F.Lunt

23/02/1884         HARMONIC (Home)                                                            Draw 1-1

F.Traveloni (Goal); G.Hesketh, R.Rimmer (backs); D.Quayle, G.Evans, G.Robinson  (½ backs); H.Wainwright, (Capt.), N.Rimmer, G.Halsall, F.Lunt, T.Porter

08/03/1884         Crossens (Away)                                                                  Draw 1-1

F.Traveloni (Goal); G.Hesketh, P.Rimmer (backs); T.Porter, J.Evans, D.Quayle (half); D.Blackledge, N.Rimmer, G.Halsall, H.Wainwright, F.Lunt

15/03/1884         HARMONIC (Home)                                                            Won 5-0

F.Traveloni (Goal); P.Rimmer, G.Hesketh (backs); R.Rimmer, T.Porter, J.Robinson (half); N.Rimmer, H.Wainwright (Capt.), G.Halsall, J.Evans, R.Blackledge

22/03/1884         Burscough 2nd      (Away)                                                  Won 1-0

F.Traveloni (Goal); G.Hesketh, R.Rimmer (backs); D.Quayle, J.Evans, J.Robinson (half); H.Wainwright (Capt.), N.Rimmer, T.Porter, F.Lunt, R.Blackledge

29/03/1884         BURSCOUGH (Home)                                         Lost 0-2

F.Traveloni (Goal); G.Hesketh, P.Rimmer (backs); J.Robinson, D.Quayle, J.Evans (half); T.Porter, D.Blackledge, F.Lunt, H.Wainwright, N.Rimmer

05/04/1884         ROYAL (Home)                                                     Won 3-1

F.Traveloni (Goal); H.Hesketh, R.Rimmer (backs); T.Porter, J.Evans, D.Quayle (half); G.Halsall, R.Blackledge, F.Lunt, H.Wainwright (Capt.), N.Rimmer

12/04/1884         BAMBER BRIDGE (Home)                                  Won 3-1

F.Traveloni (Goal); G.Hesketh, P.Rimmer (backs); J.Evans, T.Porter, J.Robinson (half); R.Blackledge, F.Lunt, H.Wainwright (Capt), G.Halsall               

19/04/1884         CRESCENT                                                              Won 2-1

F.Traveloni (Goal); H.Aughton, W.Blundell (backs); J.Robinson, D.Quayle, G.Hesketh 9half); H.Wainwright, W.Leadbetter, W.Rimmer, D.Blackledge, F.Lunt     


20/09/1884         Lonton Martyrs (Away)                                                      Lost 0-4

R.Rimmer (Goal); G.Halsall, W.Moore, J.Robinson, G.Hesketh, D.Quayle, H.Wainwright (Capt.), W.Brewer, J.Evans, R.Dutton, N.Rimmer

27/09/1884         LONGTON (Home)                                                               Draw 1-1

F.Traveloni (Goal), W.Blundell, W.Moore, J.Robinson, G.Hesketh, R.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, N.Rimmer, H.Wainwrihgt, W.Brewer, G.Halsall

11/10/1884         BAMBER BRIDGE (Home)                                                  Won 1-0

F.Traveloni (Goal); W.Blundell, W.Moore, D.Quayle, G.Hesketh, J.Robinson, H.Wainwright (Capt.), R.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, J.Evansm G.Halsall              

18/10/1884         Bamber Bridge (Away)                                                       Won 2-1

G.Hesketh (Goal); W.Moore, G.Rockcliffe, D.Quayle, R.Rimmer, J.Robinson, H.Wainwright (Capt), J.Evans, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton, N.Rimmer

25/10/1884         BANKS (Home)                                                                     Won 2-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); W.Moore, H.Moore, J.Robinson, G.Rockcliffe, R.Rimmer, M.Rimmer, H.Wainwright, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton, G.Halsall

01/11/1884         PRESTON PARISH CHUCH (Home)                                   Won 1-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, D.Quayle, G.Rockliff, J.Evans, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt)., R.Rimmer, G.Halsall

15/11/1884         Skelmersdale Temperance (Away)                                 Lost 0-1

Hesketh 9Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Robinson, N.Evans, N.Rimmer, G.Rockliffe, R.Blackledge, R.Rimmer, G.Halsall, H.Wainwright (Capt)

22/11/1884         BURSCOUGH 2nd (Home)                                                   Won 2-1

Hesketh (Goal); W.Moore, H.Moore, J.Robinson, G.Rockliff, N.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton, R.Rimmer, H.Wainwright (Capt), J.Evans

29/11/1884         SKELMERSDALE ROVERS (Home)                                     Won 5-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, N.Rimmer, G.Rockliffe, J.Robinson, J.Evans, R.Rimmer, G.Halsall (Capt), R.Blackledge, R.Dutton

06/12/1884         St James’s, Westhead (Away)                                           Lost 0-1

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, N.Rimmer, G.Rockliffe, J.Evans, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton, G.Halsall

13/12/1884         SKELMSERSDALE TEMPERANCE (Home)        Won 1-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); W.Moore, H.Moore, J.Robinson, G.Rockcliffe J.Evans, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Rimmer, G.Halsall, R.Dutton, R.Blackledge

20/12/1884         Blackburn Crosshill (Away)                               Lost 1-8

G.Hesketh (Goal); W.Moore, P.Rimmer, J.Robinson, G.Rockliffe, J.Evans, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Rimmer, N.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton

26/12/1884         PRESTON PARISH CHURCH (Home)                 Draw 0-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Blundell, N.Rimmer, J.Evans, G.Halsall, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Rimmer, P.Rimmer, R.Dutton, T.Lea

10/01/1885         SOUTHPORT ROYAL (Home)                             Draw 0-0

J.Evans (Goal); W.Moore, H.Moore, N.Rimmer, G.Hesketh, J.Robinson, HWainwright (Capt), G.Halsall, G.Rockliffe, P.Rimmer, R.Dutton

17/01/1885         Churchtown Congregational (Away)               Won 1-0

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, R.Rimmer, J.Evans, G.Halsall, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Dutton, P.Rimmer, J.Robinson, N.Rimmer

24/01/1885         CROSSENS (Sports Ground)                               Won 3-1

Southport Charity Cup 1st Round

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Evans, Rimmer, Robinson, Wainwright, Blackledge, Halsall, Dutton, Rockliffe

31/01/1885         ORMSKIRK 2nd (Home)                                       Won 1-0

J.Evans (Goal); W.Blundell, G.Hesketh, P.Rimmer, J.Blackledge, J.Robinson, G.Halsall, F.Lunt, N.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton

07/02/1885         CRESCENT (Home)                                               Lost 0-1

No Line-Up Available

14/02/1885         WESTHEAD (Home)                                            Won 1-0

Heaketh (Goal); W.Moore, H.Moore, N.Rimmer, J.Evans, T.Porter, H.Wainwright, G.Halsall, G.Rockliffe, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton

28/02/1885         Banks (Away)                                                       Draw 1-1

Heaketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Robinson, P.Foster, J.Evans, R.Blackledge, G.Halsall (Capt), R.Rimmer, G.Rockliffe

07/03/1885         Ormskirk 2nd (Away)                                           Lost 0-1

G.Hesketh (Goal); W.Moore, P.Rimmer, J.Robinson, J.Evans, D.Quayle, R.Rimmer, T.Porter, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton, G.Rockliffe

03/04/1885         CRESCENT (Home)                                                              Lost 0-1

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, C.Taylor, J.Robinson, R.Rimmer, R.Dutton, R.Blackledge, J.Evans, G.Halsall, H.Wainwright (Capt)

04/04/1885         BLACKBURN DISTRICT (Home)                                         Draw 0-0

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Robinson, R.Rimmer, T.Lea, R.Dutton, R.Blackledge, J.Evans, G.Halsall, H.Wainwright (Capt)

09/05/1885         Southport Wanderers A (Away)                                       Won 2-1

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Robinson,G.Rockliffe, R.Rimmer, G.Halsall, R.Blackledge, J.Evans, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt)

14/05/1885         CRESCENT (Home)                                                               Won 1-0

Heskath (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Robinson, J.Evans, R.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, G.Halsall, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt), T.Porter

20/06/1885         BLACKBURN CROSS HILL (Home)                                     Won 3-1

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, R.Rimmer, J.Robinson, J.Evans, R.Blackledge, C.Morris (Crescent FC), R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt), F.Rimmer

Final Reported Record: Played 28, 16 Won, 6 Lost, 6 Drawn, 32 Goals For, 26 Goals Against


19/09/1885         BIRKDALE (Home)                                                               Won 3-0

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall, W.Sloane, J.Robinson, J.Seddon,H.Wainwright (Capt), R.dutton, J.Evans, R.Rimmer, F.Rimmer

26/09/1885         Churchtown Roamers (Away)                                          Lost 1-3

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, Blundell, Robinson,Rimmer, Blackledge, Dutton, Sloan, Keen, Wainwright (Capt), F.Rimmer.

03/10/1885         Southport Wanderers A (Away)                                       Won 3-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall, J.Robinson, W.Sloane, R.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, J.Evans, F.Rimmer, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright(Capt)

10/10/1885         ST MARYS, BLACKBURN     (Home)                                  Won 4-1

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, R.Rimmer, J.Evans, J.Robinson, G.Halsall, R.Blackledge, R.Dutton,

17/10/1885         OAKFIELD ROVERS, LIVERPOOL (Home)                        Won 3-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, R.Rimmer, J.Evans, J.Robinson, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Blackledge, G.Halsall, F.Rimmer

24/10/1885         BOOTLE WANDERERS (Wanderers’ Ground)                Won 2-1

Liverpool and District Cup 1st Round

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Robinson, J.Evans, R.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, G.Halsall, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt), F.Rimmer

31/10/1885         BRECK ROVERS, LIVERPOOL (Home)                               Won 2-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, P.Foster, J.Robinson, R.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, J.Evans, H.Wainwright (Capt), R.Dutton, F.Rimmer

07/11/1885         EARLESTOWN WANDERERS (Home)                               Draw 1-1

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, Evans, R.Rimmer, Robinson, Rimmer, Dutton, Wainwright, Blckledge, Halsall

14/11/1885         Earlestown Wanderers (Away)                                        Lost 0-7

Liverpool Cup

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, J.Robinson, J.Evans, R.Rimmer, H.Wainwright, R.Dutton, F.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, G.H.Halsall

21/11/1885         High Park (Away)                                                                 Lost 3-4

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Moore, Robinson, Evans, Porter, R.Blackledge, G.Halsall, Dutton, Wainwright, F.Rimmer

05/12/1885         Liverpool Arkles (Away)                                                     Won 1-0

*Played with 9 men

G.Hesketh (Goal); G.Halsall, J.Robinson, J.Evans, R.Blackledge, T.Porter, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt), F.Rimmer

12/12/1885         Ormskirk (Away)                                                                 Won 2-0

Hesketh (Goal); Halsall, Evans, Keen, J.Carr, N.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, T.Porter,F.Rimmer, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt)

19/12/1885         St Josephs, Preston (Away)                                               Lost 0-2

No Line-Up Available

25/12/1885         SOUTHPORT OLD BOYS                                                     Draw 0-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); W.Moore, H.Moore, Robinson, Evans, Halsall, R.Dutton, H.Wainwright (Capt), J.Lea,R.Blackledge, T.Porter

01/01/1886         Ashton Recreation (Away)                                                Draw 3-3

Hesketh (Goal); Halsall, Moore (backs); J.J.Keen, J.Robinson (½ backs); R.Blackledge, T.Porter, W.Moore, F.Rimmer, H.Wainwright (forwards)

02/01/1886         CHURCHTOWN ROAMERS (Home)                                 Won 2-1

Hesketh (Goal); G.Halsall, H.Moore (backs); T.Porter, J.Evans, J.Robinson (½ backs); A.Bryers, R.Blackledge, W.Moore, F.Rimmer, H.Wainwright (forwards)

09/01/1886         Oakfield Rovers (Away)                                                     Lost 0-1

Hesketh (Goal); R.Pasquill, G.Halsall (backs); W.Evans, JJ Keen, J Robinson (½ backs); H.Wainwright (Capt.), T.Porter, R.Blackledge, T.Lea*, F.Rimmer (forwards)

*from Southport Wanderers

23/01/1886         BRIDGEWATER, WIGAN (Home)                                      Won 4-0

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (backs); J.Robinson, J.Evans, W.Moore (½ backs); H.Wainwright, F.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, A.Bryers, T.Porter (forwards)

30/01/1886         ASHTON RECREATION (Home)                                        Won 3-1

Hesketh (Goal); H. Moore, G.Halsall (backs); J.Robinson, J.Evans, P.Rimmer (½ backs); R.Blackledge, T.Porter, C.Forrest, H.Wainwright, F.Rimmer (forwards)

06/02/1886         Breck Rovers, Liverpool (Away)                                       Won 5-1

R. Parkinson (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (backs); H.Quale, W.Rimmer, G.W.Hesketh (½ backs); T.Porter, J.Evans, J.J.Keen, H.Wainwright (Capt.), F.Rimmer (forwards)

13/02/1886         ARKLES (Home)                                                                    Won 1-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, J.Evans (backs); J.Robinson, W.Moore, J.Evans (½ backs); R.Blackledge, A.Bryers, F.Rimmer, T.Porter, H.Wainwright (forwards)

20/02/1886         BIRKDALE (Home)                                               Won 4-0

G.W.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (backs); J.Robinson, J.Evans, R.Rimmer (½ backs); T.Porter, H.Wainwright, R.Blackledge, F.Bailey, F.Rimmer (forwards)

06/03/1886         Birkdale (Away)                                                   Result Not Known

No Line-Up Available

20/03/1886         CHURCHTOWN ROAMERS (Home)                  Won 7-0

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (backs); R.Pasquill, J.Evans, W.Moore (½ backs); A.Bryers, R.Blackledge, F.Rimmer, T.Porter, H.Wainwright (forwards)

03/04/1886         Burscough (Away)                                               Won 1-0

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (Capt.) (backs); W.Moore, R.Rimmer, J.Evans (½ backs); R.Blackledge, R.Pasquill, T.Porter, P.Rimmer, F.Rimmer (forwards)

10/04/1886         ST JOSEPH’S PRESTON (Home)                         Lost 0-6

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (Capt.) (backs); R.Pasquill, J.Evans, T.Sellars* (½ backs); T.Porter, J.Leadbetter*, F.Munro, R.Blackledge, T.Lea (forwards)

* Southport Wanderers

17/04/1886         HIGH PARK (Sports Ground, Sussex Road)     Won 2-0

Charity Cup 2nd Round

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (backs); R.Pasquill, J.Evans, W.Moore (½ backs); T.Porter, H.Wainwright (Capt.), F.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, A.Bryers (forwards)

01/05/1886         SOUTHPORT (Wanderers Ground)                  Lost 1-2

Charity Cup Semi Final

Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, Halsall, J.Evans, R.Pasquill, W.Moore, H.Wainwright (Capt.), T.Porter, A.Bryers, Blackledge, F.Rimmer

20/05/1886         Southport (Away)                                                Won 4-0

*Benefit Match for Bailey

Hesketh (Goal); Halsall, Moore, Evans, Rigby, Pasquill, Wainwright, Porter, F.Rimmer, Blackledge, Bryers


04/09/1886         CROSSE HALL, CHORLEY (Home)                      Won 2-1

G.W.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (backs); J.Evans, C.Blundell, R.Pasquill (½ backs); H.Wainwright, H.Dutton (Capt.), R.Blackledge, A.Bryers, F.Rimmer (forwards)

11/09/1886          Salford (Away)                                                     Lost 3-1

A.N.Other (Goal); R.Pasquill, G.Halsall (backs); J.Evans, R.Dutton (Capt.), C.Blundell (½ backs); W.Geeson, E.Rimmer, H Wainwright, W.Halsall, F.Rimmer (forwards)

18/09/1886          ST PETER’S LIVERPOOL (Home)                        Won 3-1

Campbell (Goal); H.Moore, R.Pasquill (backs); W.Geeson, J.Evans, C.Blundell (½ backs); A.Bryers, R.Blackledge, F.Rimmer, R.Dutton (Capt.), H.Wainwright (forwards)

25/09/1886         Churchtown (Away)                                            Won 3-2

Campbell (Goal); H.Moore, R.Pasquill (backs); J.Evans, F.Briggs, W.Geeson (½ backs); H.Wainwright, R.Dutton (Capt.), R.Blackledge, A.Bryers, F.Rimmer (forwards)

09/10/1886          Liverpool Police Athletic Club (Away)            Won 2-1

Liverpool Cup

G.W.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, Halsall (backs); J.Evans, W.Geeson, R.Pasquill (½ backs); R.Dutton (Capt.), H.Wainwright, F.Rimmer, A.Roberts, R.Blackledge (forwards)

6/11/1886            Old Boys (Away)                                                  Won 2-1

Benefit Match for T Porter

No Line-Up Given

13/11/1886          Skelmersdale United (Away)                            Draw 0-0

G.W.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, J.Evans (backs); P.Foster, R.Pasquill, A.Roberts (Capt.) (½ backs); F.Rimmer, R.Blackledge, H Wainwright (forwards)

27/11/1886          LINACRE (Home)                                                  Draw 1-1

Campbell (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall (backs); R.Pasquill, J.Evans, W.Geeson (½ backs); H.Wainwright, R.Dutton (Capt.), R.Blackledge, J.J.Keen, F.Rimmer (forwards)

04/12/1886         BIRKDALE (Home)                                               Lost 1-4

Ingham (Goal); R.Pasquill, G.Halsall (backs); J.Evans, G.W.Hesketh, J.Robinson (½ backs); H.Wainwright, W.Geeson, R.Blackledge, F.Rimmer (forwards)

11/12/1886         BURSCOUGH (Home)                                         Lost 1-2

*10 men each

G.W.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, W.Rimmer (backs); J.Evans, Halsall (Capt.), J.Carr (½ backs); W.Geeson, J.J.Keen, R.Blackledge, F.Rimmer (forwards)

22/01/1887         Haydock (Away)                                                  Lost 1-8

G.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall, W.Geeson, J.Evans, R.Pasquill, H.Wainwright, R.Dutton, F.Rimmer,A.N.Other, sub, R.Blackledge

29/01/1887         Tranmere Rovers (Away)                                   Lost 0-2

Liverpool & District Cup / 3rd Round

G.W.Hesketh (Goal); H.Moore, G.Halsall, R.Pasquill, H.Thompson, G.Evans, E.Sutton, R.Dutton (Capt),W.Geeson, R.Blackledge, F.Rimmer

19/02/1887         HIGH PARK (Home)                                             Draw 0-0

Southport Charity Cup / 1st Round

Hesketh (Goal); Halsall, Moore, Evans, Geeson, Pasquill, Wainwright, Dutton, Blackledge, W.Evans, F.Rimmer

26/02/1887         HIGH PARK (Neutral)                                          Lost 2-4

Southport Charity Cup / 1st Round Replay

Hesketh (Goal); Halsall, Moore, Evans, Geeson, Pasquill, Wainwright, Dutton, Blackledge, W.Evans, F.Rimmer

19/03/1887         Southport Old Boys (Away)                              Draw 2-2

*Benefit Match for G.W.Hesketh. No Line-up Available

08/04/1887         Southport (Away)                                                Lost 1-3

No line-up Available

16/04/1887         Churchtown (Away)                                            Lost 1-2

No line-up Available

07/05/1887         Park Lane Wanderers (Away)                           Draw 1-1

Harrison (Goal); Halsall, Cookson, F.Rimmer, Thompson, Robinson, Corry, Wainwright, W.Rimmer, Pasquill, Blackledge

At the end of the 1886-87 season their record read Played 22, Won 11, Lost 6, Drawn 5.