Some lines about Arthur Kelly

Lancashire Evening Post, 20-12-1902

Both the extreme men in the Southport Central forward line – J. Atherton, on the right, and Arthur C.P. Kelly, on the left, have a rare turn of speed, as opposing backs have oftimes found to their cost, and which is the speedier of the two is a matter on which the crowd who assemble at Scarisbrick-road, Southport, have speculated considerably, and still their minds are far from being made up. Were the liking for both of them not equally strong, favouritism would decide the issue.

The present is Kelly’s second season the Sandgrounders. Prior to coming to the town of sand, shrimps and sunshine, and a few other commodities beginning with “S,” he played with New Brighton, while he had previously been associated with St. Helens Recreation and Liverpool Reserves.

He is a member of the scholastic profession, but his devotion to athletics proves that he is no mere bookworm. He helped to win the Oxfordshire Cup for Culham College, on which occasion he played against H. Smith, the amateur full back, who has assisted Stoke in recent matches.

One of his distinguishing characteristics on the field is a response of countenance which is never relaxed in the most strenuous moments of a match, his facial resemblance to that usually associated with the actor making the trait the more pronounced. Perhaps, as much as anything Kelly’s irreproachable methods have tended to make him the immense favourite he is.

Whenever he secures the ball the expectant shout of “Hi Kelly!” is raised, Usually the spectator is not disappointed, and as in addition to his fleetness of foot he sends in a very decent centre, he is a dangerous man to opponents.

As a marksman he is not consistent, and one of his faults is an over-eagerness to use his cranium. His footwork is tricky, and ability to swerve sharply with the ball when travelling at top speed has been cultivated to a high extent. He is of medium height and weight. To see him recover his feet after being bowled over is splendid testimony to his agility.