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Everton v Southport Central 1889I’m starting to add as much information to the site as possible regarding our pre-football league days. Over the past month I’ve added all of the league tables and season summaries from 1881 to 1921, and I’m also adding details of a number of known players.


Some of the things you discover during research really does surprise me. For Example, Star signing of the 1892-1893 season, Kenny Davenport was not only an England international just 2 years prior to signing, but is generally credited with scoring the first ever League goal in the world. On 8 September 1888, when the Football League played its first matches, Davenport had scored a hat-trick within the first five minutes for Bolton Wanderers FC against Derby County FC.

Further examples were my discovery that George Latham went on to manage the British team at the 1924 Olympic games and managed Cardiff city to win the 1927 FA Cup, the one and only time the FA Cup has been taken outside of England, and Jack Kirwan went on to become the first manager of Ajax of Amsterdam.

I have added details of the following players to the database. the year in brackets is as close I know the year that they first featured for the club (although this later may be disproven).

  • Aaron, Arthur (1906)
  • Arthur, Herbie (1890)
  • Arthur, Joe (1913)
  • Boe, James (1919)
  • Bradshaw, Tom (1903)
  • Brett, Ralph (1896)
  • Brett, Sammy (1897)
  • Brunton, Matt (1908)
  • Bullivant, T (1906)
  • Capper, Tommy (1914)
  • Caulfield, Billy (1913)
  • Chorlton, Frank (1905)
  • Danson, Herbie (1903)
  • Davenport, Kenny (1893)
  • Dawson, Billy (1904)
  • Fletcher, Harry (1917)
  • Garvey, James (1903)
  • Gate, William (1905)
  • Grant, John (1909)
  • Green, Tommy (1914)
  • Grieve, Bob (1911)
  • Hallows, Herbert (1899)
  • Halsall, Laurence (1896)
  • Holdsworth, Edward (1906)
  • Hooper, Bill (1919)
  • Howarth, William (1909)
  • Jones, Thomas (1912)
  • Kirwan, Jack (1897)
  • Latham, George (1909)
  • Lawson, Reginald (1903)
  • Lightfoot, Edward (1910)
  • McGillivray, Jimmy (1909)
  • McGuigan, Andy (1904)
  • Melville, David (1912)
  • Meunier, James (1906)
  • Mosscrop, Eddie (1911)
  • Nidd, Fred (1890)

More to follow…

I have added a number of early games to the database, even though dates (and even venues in some cases) are unknown. Where a date is unknown I have stated TBC, however I have had to elect that those where the venue was unknown were Home games. Should this later be disproven by clarification from a news report or suchlike then this can easily be changed. The information has primarily been gathered from “the book” with references the result only in many cases, however some dates have been garnered via research online.

Thanks to the Everton Collection Charitable Trust, I have been able to add images of programmes for a number of Southport’s early games with Everton which you can see by viewing the match in question.

  • Everton v Southport Central 25/12/1889
  • Everton combination v Southport Central, 17/09/1904
  • Everton Res v Southport 05/04/1920
  • Everton v Southport Central 31/03/1917
  • Everton Res v Southport Central 21/02/1914
  • Everton v Southport, 28/04/1945
  • Everton v Southport, 17/02/1945
  • Everton v Southport, 13/05/1944
  • Everton v Southport, 27/02/1943