Southport Sports Club Timeline

What started out as an idea to add a bit more information to this website, very quickly became a detailed study into the story of football, and rugby, in this town. It became clear that you simply could not cover the early years of ‘association’ football in Southport without first covering ‘the rugby years’ in as much detail, nor could you cover either without also touching upon Cricket such is the uniqueness of the pattern sport has woven into this town.

The below timeline represents some of the key points in time relating to the Town’s main Cricket, Rugby and Football clubs.


Southport Cricket Club formed

Playing at York Road, Birkdale


Southport Alexandra Cricket Club Formed

Playing at Manchester Road


Original Southport Cricket Club disbands

York Road ground lost to developers


Southport Cricket Club Restarts

Playing at Manchester Road, next door to Alexandra Cricket Club


Southport Football Club formed

Rugby club formed by the members of Southport Rowing Club and Southport Alexandra Cricket Club, under the guidance of George Coombe, playing at Manchester Road, next to Alexandra Cricket Club.
Club Colours Black, Red and Amber


Birkdale Cricket Club formed

Playing at Trafalgar Road, Birkdale


Southport Cricket Club loses ground

Manchester Road sold to developers for housing. Moves to Scarisbrick New Road


Southport Cricket Club disbands

Club lasts only one year at Scarisbrick New Road, near to the Cemetery


Church of England Temperance Society Cricket Club forms Football section (Rugby)

Also playing at Scarisbrick New Road near the Cemetery


CofE Temperance Society Football section renamed Southport Olympic


Original Southport Football Club disbands.

After one of the harshest winters on record the original football club disbands.

Southport Wasps take the opportunity to rename as Southport Football Club and move to Manchester Road.

Club colours changed to Red, White and Blue (2)


Southport Football Club (2) disbands.

A number of players switch to Southport Olympic and Southport Hornets.


Southport Football Club restarts

Another new club is formed called Southport Football Club, playing Rugby.
Switches to Association football after 3 games.

Plays at ground on Corner of Scarisbrick New Road and Ash Street. Club
Colours, Red.


Southport Wanderers association football club formed

Formed by members of the Southport Olympic Rugby Club.

Colours: Red and Black


Southport Cricket Club Reforms

Playing on the Recreation grounds of Scarisbrick New Road, where Flakland Road and Rutland Road lie today


First association club disbands.

Shortly after winning the Southport Charity Cup for the second time the club disbands.

A number of players and supporters switch to Wanderers who then rename as Southport Football Club.

Colours: Red and White Stripes


Southport Cricket Club disbands


Southport Central Association Football Club Formed

The first Professional club formed in Southport, as Southport Central, playing at the Sports Ground on Sussex Road.
Southport Football Club Disbands.
Colours: White Jersey, Blue Shorts.


Southport Olympic Rugby Club disbands

Faced with increased competition from association clubs, Rugby is halted in the town.


Southport Alexandra adopts name of Southport Cricket Club.

With the original club gone, Alexandra take the opportunity to change their name.


Southport Rugby Club formed

Another attempt is made to establish Rugby with a new Rugby club,


Southport Rugby Club disbands

The new Southport Rugby club disbands after only 2 years


Birkdale Rugby Club formed

After a 6 year absence, Birkdale Rugby club forms and takes a ground at Victoria Park.


Southport & Birkdale Cricket Club Formed

Southport Cricket club and Birkdale Cricket club merge, playing at Trafalgar Road


Birkdale Rugby Club stops

No Rugby Played between 1903-1906


New Rugby Club forms taking the name of Southport Olympic

The new club adopts the former clubs name, colours and the ground of Birkdale Rugby Club at Victoria Park


Southport Olympic rename as Southport Rugby Union Football Club


Southport Rugby Union Football Club suspend fixtures


Southport Central Association Football Club renamed Southport Vulcan

Taken over by the Vulcan Motor Company.


Southport Vulcan renamed Southport Football Club

After Vulcan Motor Company withdraw their support, the club was reconstituted as Southport Football Club.


Southport Football Club Successfully apply to join newly formed Third Division North

Members of the Football League between 1921 and 1978


Southport Rugby Union Football Club suspend fixtures


Southport Football Club lose Football League Status

unsuccessfully applied for re-election to the Football League